Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Break Begins!!

I have Gary at home for 2 weeks!!! Two weeks folks!!! Woohoo!!

1. Got to go to Gary's game last night. Loved it. The guys played so well and they won. I only got to stay til the 3rd but I took some pictures for Gary with the 50mm which was kinda fun. I got to go by myself!!!! Trisha came over while Kai nice to get out!!

2. Today Gary and I got to go to a wedding. Just attend, not take pictures! It was a great day together and I'm really glad that we were invited and able to go! The wedding was for a friend of ours who was actually a student of mine in our first year teaching. I'm very happy for them and boy, they make me feel old! Congratulations Stewart and Charisa!!

3. Kai was at gramma's today and did not nap. He's also fighting this ridiculous cold that has Gary and I ready to go to bed right now (6pm). He is being ridiculous. He just got a time out for hitting Gary.

4. Kai spoke with an accent yesterday. So funny. There is a show called `Odd Jobbers' where they have English (?) accent so he said `Awd Jawbah's' and started giggling. He did a very good impersonation. Silly monkey.

5. Yesterday he was drawing by himself and said `Mommy, M! O!' so I went to see what he had drawn. Check this out! I think it is a complete fluke that he did this as he probably just scribbled and somehow a couple letters were formed.
6. I have this weird feeling that the baby is really ready to come out now. There is nothing really happening but I think the baby has dropped and I feel different. I am def. in some discomfort as there is more pressure and strange jabs on the cervix/pelvic region. It seriously feels like an arm is making its way out while I'm walking. I know, too much info. But, its the truth!
7. Gary and I have been watching the first couple seasons of `How I Met You Mother' and I'm looking forward to watching a few episodes this evening. I'm hoping these next few weeks are as restful as they can be, considering all the family stuff that is going on in the next week.
8. We are supposed to have a photo shoot in Mission on Sunday afternoon but the weather could be pretty dicey so we will see!
9. I love our van. Love it.
10. I love fudge. Love it.
11. I learned something new about Gary today! He did not make the soccer team in grade 11. I did not make the volleyball team in grade 9. I think that it was good for us to fail at something. I did not deal with it well, I never played volleyball again. We also both failed our drivers tests. I didn't deal with that well either.
12. Thanks for the recommendation for `Fibre 1 Honey Oats' or whatever its called, very yummy and 50% of your daily recommended fibre!


  1. I didn't make the badminton team in gr. 7. Never played again.

  2. Mike and I just finished all the How I Met your Mothers- if you want to watch later seasons we have them..

  3. I got a time out at school today for hitting Kevin V.