Monday, December 15, 2008

Chapman Christmas Part 1

We had a Christmas dinner with Gary's family last night. It was part 1 as one of his brothers (along with wife and 4 kids) will not be around here on Christmas day. Kai loves hanging out with his cousins and its so nice that he is at an age where I don't have to watch him (as much):)
The kids table
Kai and Kieryn. She is the closest Chapman cousin although she is about 3 years older than him.
All the Chapman kids. I think Kai looks most like Jayden, the boy right in front of him
Kai being goofy with the boys.
Kai got a gun from under the gramma tree. Every time they visit they get to pick up a present from under the gramma tree.

His cousins gave him two magnets and he said `This is all I need!'.

On the way home, he talked about how fun it was wrestling with his cousins (his first time REALLY participating) and said at the end, `What a lovely day'.

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