Monday, December 15, 2008

Too young for this much fun...

(He's thinking `Why won't mommy let me eat all the candy?')

I don't think you are supposed to decorate gingerbread houses with 2 year olds. Way too stressful for me. Candy all over the ground and all in Kai's belly. Maybe my hormones have made me less patient? I'm not sure. We quit half way. What am I supposed to do with him all day? We cannot go outside. Gary has the van. I cannot sit/lay on the ground to play with him. I feel like I gained another 10lbs overnight. I feel like I'm getting a cold. I accidentally ate almonds last night (I'm allergic to them...all night my ears and throat were soooooo itchy). Am I grumpy? Hmmm...sounds like it!


  1. love this picture of him!

  2. I want to eat the gingerbread house. yum.

  3. Oh the wonder, the joy and the waiting of Christmas time, in Kai's eyes!