Saturday, December 20, 2008


Last night I had a dream I was in the operating room and waiting for the doctors to do the C-section. They kept trying to put me under (you don't really go under) and I kept letting them know I was wide awake. Kai was running around the operating room with scalpels and whatever else he could find. I told Gary that he had to get Kai out of there and Gary got mad at me and said that he would stay out too. I woke up mad at Gary. I guess I can't be mad at him for what he did in my dream.

I've been having Braxton Hicks all evening (I think that's what it is!!). It's so weird because I never had it with Kai. The first hour, it was every 5 minutes but has since slowed down. I've def. hit the highest weight of my life at this point and my stretch marked belly is pure evidence of it. I really CANNOT wait to have this baby in my arms. I CANNOT believe that I will soon:) I am sooooooo excited. Last time I was nervous for labour and my life changing forever and this time, I don't feel so worried about it. I am so happy!

This morning I got together with 2 friends from high school, one is currently a midwife in India. Very fascinating stories. Then, I went out for lunch with my sisters and my dad's girlfriend...I had soup. Yum. I feel like all I want it soup. It's just so comforting. This weather is too cold. The snow is fine, but the cold. Nope, not nice.

We went to the new Price Smart by our house today and maybe it was due to my hormones but I was unimpressed. I may have bordered on rude at one point....I just really struggle with people being inefficient. My problem. I know.

By the way, not really sure what the voting (on the sidebar for boy vs girl) should be because my sister Jantina admitted today that she has been using various computers to vote for a girl. She said she voted 20 times. So now I'm thinking there have been a whole lot more votes for a boy!

I'm interested to see what develops from this blizzard and snow storm warning. Hopefully we aren't homebound for too long!

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  1. Ah the crazy pregnancy dreams...!

    The contractions are totally normal and good! Your uterus is toning up, probably making adjustments to move baby into a good position, and maybe even dilating your cervix. Many women get to 3, especially with 2nd and subsequent babies, without even noticing.

    I'm happy you're so happy (and it shows- you look terrific!)! Very excited for you. :)