Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Goofballs

Kai loves `playing clips' as he calls it. Here they have put them in their hair and on piggy's ears. Kai's energy has reached a new level, I don't know where it comes from but boy, that boy can go, go, go!

Tonight we are celebrating my sister Jackie's 24th bday with the traditional dinner and bowling afterwards. Kai is very excited to go to a real bowling alley. Lynette (my best bud) came by today which was nice, we def. do not get together enough! I do have a picture but its on the other camera so I'm not going to upload that one too.
I have a doctors appt tomorrow. I think I will get him to see if I've dilated at all. More out of curiousity because I have had steady Braxton Hicks for 3 days now. By steady I mean that I have a contraction anywhere from 1-10 times per hour. It will be my last doctor appt before the big day!!! I hope it doesn't snow too much because its the last possible day that I can see my doctor due to holidays etc.

Gary and Kai are still sick with a cold. At least its just a cold, although, I want everyone to be super healthy by the 2nd!!! I would like to make a comment on how men turn into babies when they are sick but that would probably not be appropriate or encouraging to my husband:).

The best $5.99 we ever spent (Toys R Us). It's a great way for him to learn the `little' letters and his numbers. He wondered why there weren't lower case numbers too:) I saw it as a suggestion in a parenting magazine for keeping a kid busy while you make dinner, and its true, he loves it! He prob. plays with it for about one hour a day which is a long time for a 2 year old! I have cute video footage of him playing with it, but alas, too much work to put on here.
SEe ya!


  1. I MUST be getting old as I thought I was turning 24! Hm!!! ... !!!!!

  2. yeah, more contractions is normal. middle of the night for a few hours is normal too.
    hang in there!