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Hiking Options Around the Lower Mainland, B.C.

One of our favourite family activities is hiking with our kids.  Over the years we have explored the Lower Mainland, B.C. on everything from short walks to overnight hikes.  I've put together a list of most of the trails in order that you can see what might interest your family!  Included is the city, length, and level.  If you are taking the whole family, be sure to read Five Tips for hiking with Kids so that you are prepared!  Are you ready?

{Othello Tunnels}
When talking about the "level" I will use beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  Beginner means that my four-year-old daughter could rock it.  Interemediate means that my boys, ages 7 and 10, would be able to do it easily and our four-year-old would need some serious help.  Advanced means you should have hiking experience and likely just my husband and I would do it (or we would be prepared to really take our time!).

Othello Tunnels: Beginner, < 2 km's each way, 1 hour total, gorgeous with historic aspect.

Lindeman Lake: Intermediate, 2 km's each way, one hour each way, camping available at the lake.
Elk Mountain: Intermediate, 3.5 km's each way, four hours, the last 30 minutes is the most difficult and would be considered advanced.
Bridal Falls: Beginner, 1 km each way, 1 hour total, beautiful waterfall.

Abby Grind: Intermediate, 2 km's each way, < 1 hour each way, great view from the top.
Chadsey Lake Trail: Intermediate, 2 km's each way, 1 hour each way, take a dip in the lake.
 McKee Peak: Beginner, < 2 km each way, 1 hour each way, easy hike to get to.

Maple Ridge
Hiker's Beach: Beginner, 4 km's each way, 2-3 hours each way, remote beach you can camp on.
Lower Falls: Beginner, 2.5 km's each way,  one hour each way, stop at the beach half way.
Kanaka Creek Cliff Falls: Beginner, 2 km's (variety of trails), 1 hour, a lot of geocaching options.

Williams Park: Beginner, variety of trails, playground available too!
Derby Reach: Beginner, 2 km's, 1 hour, along the riverbank.
Brae Island: Beginner, 4.2 km loop, 1 hour, quiet walk in Fort Langley.
Houston Trail: Beginner to Intermediate (some hills), 3.3km, 2 hours, beautiful greenery.
Campbell Valley Park: Beginner, variety of loops most under 1 hour, take some bird seed along.

Tynehead Park: Beginner, variety of loops under an hour, paved loop is 4.8 km and good for bikers (172nd and 96th).
Redwood Park: Beginner, very short trail less than 30 minutes, visit the fairy garden and historic treehouse.
Barnston Island: Beginner, 10 km loop, one hour bike ride, take a free ferry over!
Hi-Knoll Park: Beginner, short trails, less than an hour, look for owls.
Surrey Bend Regional Park: Beginner, < 2 km, under an hour for the loop, play area at the park too.

Port Moody
Shoreline Trail: Beginner, 6 km's total, 2 hours, very scenic

North & West Vancouver:
Lighthouse Park: Beginner to Interemediate, variety of trail lengths under an hour each, arrive early for parking as this place is very popular.
Dog Mountain: Interemediate, 2.5 km's each way, 2 hours total, great for snowshoeing in the winter too.
Yew Lake Trail: Beginner, 2 km loop, one hour, wheelchair accessible.
Quarry Rock: Intermediate, 2 km's each way, one hour each way, grab a donut at Honey's afterwards.
Grouse Grind: Intermediate to Advanced, 2.9 km one way (take $ for the gondola down), 1.5 hours, steep (853 km elevation gain).
Lynn Canyon: Beginner, 2-3 km's, 1 hour, cross a free suspension bridge.
Capilano Suspension Bridge: Beginner, 1-2 km's, 1 hour, one admission gets you a year long pass with B.C. proof of residence–very worth it!

Elfin Lakes: Intermediate to Advanced, 11 km's each way, 3 hours each way, most picturesque.
Sea to Sky Gondola (Panorama Trail, Wonderland Loop Trail, Upper Sea to Summit Trail): Beginner to Advanced, variety of lengths, go on a clear day.

Bowen Island:
Dorman Point and Killarney Lake: Beginner, 2 hours total for both hikes, be sure to eat at Artisan Eats.

{Elfin Lakes}
{Dog Mountain}
{Hiker's Beach}
{Abby Grind}
{Elk Mountain}

For a full list of all hikes in the Lower Mainland, check out the list of trails here.  Happy hiking, friends!


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