Saturday, July 18, 2015

Lower Falls: The Perfect Family Hike

If you live in the Lower Mainland and are looking for a great family hike, we love Lower Falls at Golden Ears Provincial Park.  We do it once a year and enjoy it every time. 

This weekend we went with my sisters and their families.  It's 2.7 km each way and if you stop to throw rocks in the water (at the half way point) it's about an hour walk in each direction. 

I would recommend packing a picnic and just spending a good hour at this half way mark to enjoy the water.  It's not deep and the water is very enticing!  If we had bathing suits along, the kids would have gone in for sure.  Well, Koen did anyway.

At the end you have the option of climbing to the top of the 10-metre high falls or staying down below in the pools.

The hike itself is pretty shaded so it helps to keep you cool in the summer months.

You can bring a stroller along as the path is a relatively flat gravel one, but we opted for carrying Nya in the Ergo when she needed some help.

My only tip would be to arrive at the Gold Creek parking lot early because by noon, when we left, it was packed.

Have you done this hike?  If not, let me know if you try it!  If you want to pin this for later, you can find it here on Pinterest.



  1. How tough of a hike is it? Contemplating whether it would be something I could do 8.75 months pregnant or if it needs to wait...especially since I would probably bring a double stroller to push Nathan/Matthew/Kayla in at various points.

    1. Laura--I did it 6 months pregnant but I personally could not do it at 8-9 months pregnant. I mean, I could but I wouldn't. Can you walk for 2 hours? And you probably would not want to do it pushing a stroller (could Jon do it?) as there are a few bigger hills and it's always harder on gravel. I say wait til babe is here and do it at the end of summer!

    2. Thanks. I think I'll wait until I'm ready to induce labour...or after baby is here :)

    3. Hoping to do this tomorrow! :)

  2. OK, we may have to hit this one up this summer!!! THanks :)

    1. Yes, I would recommend it. Totally easy "hike" but beautiful!! Just arrive early or you may get turned around because the parking lot is too full.