Friday, April 22, 2016

Quarry Rock {Deep Cove Hike}

When I realized I had an opportunity to hike with the oldest two, I decided we would hike Quarry Rock in Deep Cove.  I needed a hike we could get to in an hour, would take less than two hours to complete, provided a gorgeous view, and would be a moderate level; Quarry Rock was perfect!  With the promise of a donut from Honey's upon completion, we set off.

Just a few things to note are that it would not be ideal for younger kids as there are a lot of steps and roots which is hard for little legs–my boys were fine. Also, there are many dogs on this trail (off leash) which can be hard when one of your kids is afraid of them. The nice thing about this trail is that it undulates–you're never climbing for very long which seems unusual for most hikes when you are getting to a viewpoint. Finally, there is one point where the trail veers off to the right without any signs (by the wires about 30 minutes in) so keep your eyes open and don't keep going straight. 

We went on a weekday and first thing in the morning as the trail can get quite busy.  We reached the summit by 10 AM and already there were quite a few people there.  I look forward to exploring more with my big's just so easy! I know that Kai wants more of a challenge, but for now, a moderate hike works well for the three of us.

Have you been? What other moderate hike in the Lower Mainland do you think we would like?


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  1. Wow, that looks like such a great hike!!! What a view!