Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hi-Knoll Park {Surrey, B.C.}

Hi-Knoll Park is located on the Surrey/Langley border on Colebrook Road.  It was given to the city by the Skelton family in 1974 and is a great little place to explore.   The north side of the trail is a meadow which we ran around first. We have had our family photos done here before–it's quite picturesque in the summer! Being that we have recently had a lot of rain, it was a little flooded north of the bridge so we turned around to explore other trails. 

The endangered White Fawn Lily grows in the wild here which is one of the few places in the Lower Mainland where this happens! We found many of them on the north side of the trail up the hill from the parking lot.

The south side is a wooded area where we saw many birds!  If we had more time, we would have explored this area more.  You can find a map of the trails here

As we were headed back to the parking lot, we spotted this owl!  He even regurgitated something while we were below him–so gross yet so cool.

If you're looking for a smaller park to explore in the Surrey/Langley area, put on some boots and head on out on the Meadow Trail at Hi-Knoll Park.  If geocaching in the area and searching for caches to find, it's under "High Knoll Park".  Happy exploring, friends!