Friday, October 07, 2016

Adventure at the Capilano Suspension Bridge

Our family purchased an annual pass earlier this year to the Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver and have gone five times already.  It cost us just $104.00 for our whole family and that one time fee allows B.C. residents to go all year long–note that kids under the age of 6 are free!  I've already written about all there is to do here and just wanted to share what the boys and I got up to today.

With the boys on a Pro-D day and the youngest two at daycare (as I usually work on this day), we arrived at the Capilano Suspension bridge at 9:30 AM which is great because tours usually arrive around 10 AM.  Parking is $5 but other than that, we have our pass so it was free!

I love that it's decorated for fall right now and there are even lights strung everywhere!  We started with the Cliffwalk as that is my favourite.  There are only 16 anchor points into the cliff supporting the structure which definitely makes it more exciting (and environmentally friendly). This section was built in 2011.

After a quick stop at the store to check out the candies and stuffed animals, we crossed over the suspension bridge.  This bridge is 450 feet long and 230 feet high.

I love that the lights are strung up for the Treetop Adventures!  This is the boys' favourite part so up we went.  We have done the Rainforest Explorer program twice so we did not do it this time–it's where the kids can answer six questions on the paper provided and then at the end of the tour they can pick up their prize which is a Capilano Suspension Bridge button.

There are seven suspension bridges that are all at about 100 feet high.  They do not use bolts or nails into these gorgeous 250-year old Douglas Fir trees, they use a compression system. Just eight trees hold it all in place.

We did a bit of the boardwalk as the kids had to see if their "wingspan" has grown over the past few months–Koen is still a raven and Kai is a great horned owl. 

There are many exhibits along the way for learning and our kids love them every time. 

It's a safe and gorgeous place for the kids to explore and I love that the annual pass is so affordable. We've gone on both rainy and clear, sunny days and I actually prefer the overcast days because there are fewer people, besides, the forest does provide a canopy cover.  What a great mini adventure with my boys–the perfect way to spend a Pro-D morning together.  I can't wait to celebrate Canyon Lights November 24-January 8, 2016 and see the world's largest living Christmas tree!  If you're looking for more information, I did write about it here as well.

Happy exploring!


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