Monday, June 23, 2014

Five Enjoyable Walks in Surrey & Langley

Summer is here and we love being outside and exploring. Getting our kids to burn off a lot of energy is key for fewer fights, meltdowns, and the dreaded "I'm bored" which so far has only been uttered by our seven-year-old. Having three younger kids, these are some of our favourite walks to do as a family. They are all stroller-friendly and relatively flat. I always like discovering new places so if you haven't checked them out, you might want to!

1.Campbell Valley Park. The north entrance at 200th and 16th has a great loop that takes us just under an hour to do.You can bring bird seed and feed a bird or two as long as you get there early enough and they're not full of seeds already! It is very flat and easy to do. Only outhouses available.

Campbell Valley Park in Langley, BC

Campbell Valley Park in Langley, BC

2. Redwood Park at 180th and 20th. There is a great playground there and you can do a 15-20 minute `Fun Family Loop'. There is a treehouse and also some fairy doors that you can search for and entire Fairy Village!  It's a beautiful location for photos in the fall with all of the fall leaves. They also have large covered picnic tables and flush toilets (with a baby change table too!). Oh yes, and a water fountain that every single kid loves.

Redwood Park in Surrey, BC

Redwood Park in Surrey, BC

Fairy Village Redwood Park Surrey BC

3. Tynehead Park on 172nd and 96th.  It has a paved 4.8 km loop that our kids like to bike. It does have some hills and takes about an hour to walk. If you would prefer something more picturesque and in the woods, you can walk at the hatchery entrance  (16485 96th Ave).

Tynehead Park Surrey BC

4.  Sendall Gardens on 201st and 50th. There isn't a lot of walking to be done here but the kids love to run around and play with the giant water fountain. It's also very picturesque and we did some of Nya's 2 year old photos here.

Sendall Gardens Langley BC

5. Brae Island at the end of Glover Road (in Fort Langley) and just over the bridge past the Fort Pub. There's a beach there along the Fraser River and also some walking trails. Here is the link to the map. We've gone geocaching there as well. PS If you've never biked the Fort to Fort trail that is close by and recommended too!

Brae Island Langley BC

We love being outside. The kids behave better and it's free. I know that there are many more parks to explore in the area, but these are just some of the regular ones that we enjoy. We're going to be heading to Williams Park this week which I know they'll enjoy. Playground + trails + stream. I should definitely add that a bonus #6. 

Williams Park, Surrey BC

Since this was written I would definitely add Surrey Bend Regional Park and the Houston Trail.

Do you have a favourite walk in this area that you would want to add?  


Looking for a beautiful place to explore in Surrey and Langley, BC? These are great family-friendly walks that will immerse you in nature!


  1. We went down to the River yesterday to walk the dog and were eaten alive in 2 minutes...which ended the walk rather quickly! We often walk at Aldergrove Regional Park. It used to be Aldergrove Lake, but they got rid of the lake and now it just has trails. We enjoy doing park of the Rock 'n Horse Trail off of Lefeuvre Road (& 8th Avenue). There is a BIG ROCK that you can see - which was apparently deposited by retreating glaciers 12,000 years ago!?!?

  2. We just did this walk on Saturday and loved it! Also stroller friendly.

  3. Jessica-what time did you go? I know we rarely go after dinner for that very reason! Those mosquitoes love me.

  4. Great post as usual!! I wish Kamloops had that many trails/parks. I have nominated you for the Leibster award. Come to my blog and check out the information.

  5. Katrina-if you're checking back here...was there still a field of lupins at the Elgin Heritage Park parking lot?