Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lighthouse Park {West Vancouver}

Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver is one of our favourite parks to explore. Not only is it breathtakingly beautiful, it offers a variety of trails for all ages.  I've gone there with our family for hikes and picnics and also for photo sessions.  It is about an hour from our home but it is so worth it!  Winter or summer, the views and trails never cease to amaze me.

The trail that we take to the viewpoint is Beacon Lane Trail–it is the most direct and stroller-friendly.  When we take a stroller, we leave it near the lighthouse viewpoint and explore.  There are also washrooms in this area.  

The Lighthouse View Point is an easy two minute walk for the kids and someone even said they saw dolphins frolicking right before we got there!

We then go down to the East Beach Trail where the kids can play on the beach and climb out over the large rocks (this location is perfect for family photos!)

Little ones will need to be helped across the rocks as they are a bit steep and slippery.  

We stopped to have lunch on the rocks.  There are picnic tables before descending to the beach but I think that sitting right on the water is preferable.

Finally, we just did the Arbutus Knoll walk (again, just two minutes) with the kids to get a better look at all the freighters and the coastline.

The exciting thing for me is that this is just a small portion of all the trails that Lighthouse Park has to offer; I can't wait to explore more of them as the kids get older.  I know that the Shore Pine Trail and Juniper Point Trail have incredibly gorgeous viewpoints as well.

Have you been? Do you have a favourite trail?


One of the best parks to explore in West Vancouver, BC? It is definitely Lighthouse Park. A gorgeous place that is great for explorers of all ages!

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