Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Purchasing Furniture Online with Wholesale Furniture Brokers

We have been in our home for ten years now and are slowly investing more money into things like our furniture and quality of belongings.  Some items we purchase in store and others we peruse online. We recently ordered several products online from Wholesale Furniture Brokers in Kamloops and were pleasantly surprised all around.  

Four things I loved about ordering from Wholesale Furniture Brokers:

1. It is an online store so you don't need to leave your home to check out items!

2. Shipping is FREE and fast; our products came in three days.  Note that some remote locations would not have free shipping, these are listed on their website. 

3. It is in Canadian dollars so there's no hidden fees/exchange rate.

4. Email inquiries were replied to kindly and in a quick manner.

The first item that we ordered was the Nordic Standard Gel Form Pillow by Rest Therapy.  It has a gel form interior and is encased in a plush polyester and viscose blend protective cover.  Gary and I each have great pillows already but I really appreciated the cover on this one as our other ones don't have one. This pillow is cool (temperature-wise) to lay on and provided comfort all night.  A pillow is a great investment because one poor sleep and your whole body can feel misaligned–especially at our age!

The second product we ordered was a mattress protector; although I grew up with them I don't think they were anywhere near as advanced as they are these days!  Being that our daughter Nya struggles with asthma we have had to take many steps to help alleviate her symptoms.  As she spends 12 hours at night in bed, a dust mite shield and allergen control mattress protector is ideal. This Novo Shield Mattress Protector by NovoPure was perfect with it's soft terry surface and then waterproof layer beneath.

In the past we have used plastic mattress protectors for the kids beds and they always end up ripped and I feel terrible about the waste that we product.  These protectors are much more durable and comfortable.

If Nya had a sister the one item we would be purchasing would be this white twin over full white bunk bed with drawers which you can see here–we love having our boys in a bunk bed.

So there you have it–our recent orders that we are very happy with!  If you are looking for an online furniture store with great service and quick deliveries, Wholesale Furniture Brokers (Canada) could be for you. You can also check out their BBB Business Review here where they have an A+ rating.


{Disclaimer: We were provided with these products for review. Opinions are my own.}

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