Sunday, July 12, 2009


1. I wrote `yo' because that is my subject line to my sisters every day. I think I group email them once a day.

2. I feel like I am a good mom. I'm not bragging, I'm going to compare it to another area of my life in a second. I've only doubted my `great mothering' once. It was when Kai fell out of the stroller and landed on his face at 6 months of age. In comparison, I feel like I'm just an average wife these days. I know how to be a great wife but I choose not to because of exhaustion and irritation. I'm working on this. I think we went through this when Kai was little too. I'm just so tired of Kai getting up at 5:30am and then Koen being up until 10pm. WHERE IS THE DOWN TIME?? Today when all 3 (yes, Gary too) were napping I ran out and did errands. I guess that is considered down time?

3. I may have sang `I need a vacation from my kids!' today.

4. Kai and I went raspberry and blueberry picking today. Could've been the best `date' that we have been on. I didn't need to help him at all, he knew exactly what to do and only ate a few after I told him he could. I just made some fantastic blueberry muffins for our road trip tomorrow. Berries are way too yummy.

(Kai helping Gary crank out some lasagna noodles...Kai is gonna be quite the chef someday. Seriously, this kid knows way too much about food and the kitchen. He will try anything and what other 3 year old kid asks to go to the garden to get some thyme or basil to add to a dish?)

5. I think Gary may have purposely put all the laundry away in the wrong spots so that I never ask him to do it again.

6. I think Koen tripled his cuteness overnight. Conversely, he has been really irritable these past few days and I'm assuming its from his shots on Wednesday. He even threw up on me while I was feeding him this morning and he has never done that. He has also been eating anything we give him. Today he had fish and bread for the first time. But ya, too cute. Again today, I was just so thankful that we were able to have him.

(This picture was taken 3 days ago, before he tripled in cuteness:))
7. I went to a show home today. Several days ago, Gary and I walked by a house we really liked and can't stop thinking about it. I thought we would be in this house until we retired because I don't like moving and I really like our house. Not sure if we want to take on a larger mortgage but the lure of a bigger kitchen, ensuite, and yard is soooooo enticing! This raises so many questions about how we want to live our lives and whether we want another kid etc. Oh life. Love it.

8. We had this Saturday off as a shoot was cancelled so I went to a few garage sales. Wow, I have never seen Kai so happy. I bought him a lawnmower for $1 and he has probably played with it for 3 hours already. I also got him the coolest mini motorcyle for 25 cents that drives all around our house and turns on its own when it hits something. Toys these days, I tell ya. I do have pictures of him playing with the lawnmower but the thought of uploading and posting is too much right now so I'll put them on later.
9. Gary and I are comfortably running 5 km together and run about 3-4 times a week. Gary did a 7km on his own yesterday and I'm sure I'm ready I just don't want to use up too much of my day's energy allotment yet.
10. Talking about energy, I went back on my prenatal vitamins (thanks for the reminder Melissa...I knew I should but to hear it from someone else was the little push I needed). I def. feel a lot better.
11. My friend Ali is due this week with her first child and I'm so excited about it. Something so special about that transition to motherhood!!!
12. Gary and I (and the munchkins) are heading up to Green Lake to meet up with my dad tomorrow. All Kai wants to do is ride the green lawnmower with Opi. We're going to try to get Kai to swim in the lake if its warm enough.
Have a great week all!

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