Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blackberries and Fondant

Today Kai and I went to pick blackberries down the road. I can't believe they are ready already! Yay for free berries although I will admit they were a little tart. This afternoon I took Kai to the local public outdoor pool and we will def. go back as a family tomorrow. Kai is not a big fan of the water but he was okay with it as long as I was holding him the whole time. He loves to be spun around so I'll get Gary to be a little wilder with him tomorrow.

Due to the fact that our house is 29 C downstairs WITH the AC I decided that it wouldn't make a difference to use the stove so I made Kai's birthday cake. It's a car cake. I've always wanted to make a fondant cake but it didn't turn out how I wanted. I think that with my skills, aka lack of skills, fondant might be good for a pretty cake (you know, circular with a ribbon and dots on it or something). The other thing was that I let Kai choose the colours and somehow a car cake doesn't look as cool when its white with teal tires and windows and pink racing stripe. I would say that the fondant was very easy to make and roll out and I will attempt a nicer cake at a later date. This was actually the practice cake as his real party is in a few weeks:) I have learned from my mistakes and will def. switch things up a lot. embarrased to post this picture but...

Can you even tell it's a car? Kai said it was sooo beautiful so I guess that's all that matters. In a couple weeks you will hopefully see a super awesome car cake!

I also went to the berry farm to get a bunch of raspberries and blueberries and realized half way home they totally overcharged me but I couldn't find the reciept. Baked some muffins and packed the kids suitcases for our trip this weekend. Should be good times.

Sleeping in the basement was wonderful. I think I might get Gary to have his own bed down there tonight but other than that, it was cool (temp wise) and the kids were great. Well, Kai did get up around 5:45am but ya, still not bad.

All righty, time to think about dinner.


  1. You're amazing. A practice cake!! I think it looks super. Aiden's birthday is next week too and he has requested a garbage truck cake. I have some ideas but the fondant sure looks good.

  2. That cake looks great, I dont know what youre talking about! Very creative. Can't wait to see the 'real' one.. and Happy Birthday Kai!

  3. Bethany12:20 AM

    Good job on the cake! It really doesn't look bad at all! Good for you for trying! I hope the fondant held up okay...I guess I should've mentioned it earlier about using it the day of. It looks like it turned out alright though, and it does look like a car, that's a tougher shape than I used for mine!

  4. What! That cake looks awesome!! I'm impressed.

  5. mmm, do you need someone to eat that cake? I was watching CakeBoss on TV late last night, and oh how I wanted to have a piece of cake after that! ~ the cake looks great Louise!