Friday, July 10, 2009

Family Pictures!

Today was so awesome. You may have heard me complaining in the past that we can never get a good family photo for a variety of reasons, one of which we need someone to take it! Koen and Kai are not at the best age for it either but...our friends Andrew and Dana are up from Mexico and we did a photo swap. Andrew is very talented, check out the link! We took some photos of their family and they took some of ours! So perfect. Their family photos aren't on here because we used their compact flash card for theirs so we'll have to see if they turned out okay later on:) are some pictures. Photos with all 4 of us were taken by Andrew and if its just Gary or I in the picture, we took it. Thank you Willms'!

The kids just ran, and ran, and ran.

The lovely Willms family..

I am not touching a single photo tomorrow. I need a mental break from the computer and cameras!


  1. those are great photos! where did you go for your shoot?

  2. Campbell Valley Park, south entrance. we take pictures there a lot:)