Friday, July 31, 2009

Something Smells

Koen has a new facial expression. He scrunches it up and breathes in and out heavily as though saying `Something is smelly!'. You can see it in the first picture.

This is day 2 of using cloth diapers during the day. Going totally fine. Wish all our diapers were all-in-ones. We only have two like that and they are my favourite. Went for a jog this morning before it was over 25C...awesome! We def. need to lower the crib as he is all over the place. Yesterday he stood up holding onto my leg and then he let go. His favourite thing to do is to stand at the toy box.
I think all I do is blog about my kids but really, Gary and I don't really have much else going on. Tomorrow we will be in Osoyoos for O So Nerdy 2009. There is generally a Nerdfest every year and I've been to three; Galiano/Tofino, Nerdfiesta in Mexico and now O So Nerdy. We missed Nerdfest in Thailand because we were working. It's a group of Gary's guy friends from university with their wives and kids and we all get along really well. Should be fun!!! Time to pack.


  1. CUTE face :)
    have a great time in Osoyoos!

  2. Jen Parent11:39 AM

    Nerdfest? For real?! That sounds sooo exciting! have fun!!!

  3. Sounds great: some of my favourite people are nerds!