Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lovin' the AC

Kai turns 3 in less than a week!! I checked out the blog from a year ago and boy, has he grown up in that time! Physically he is so much taller and leaner (okay, just a little leaner), his vocab and conversation skills have vastly improved. He is such a good little helper. I'll blog a special one for him next week. I'm going to be making a fondant car cake for him, well, that's the plan!
(isn't he sweet?)

I'm officially melting. The weather is so gross and I'm so thankful for two things:

1. AC downstairs (our upstairs is pretty toasty though)
2. I'm not 9 months pregnant in this weather

We did a photo shoot in this crazy heat last night and Gary and I were sweating buckets before we began! Def. our hottest shoot ever. The poor 9 month old girl was a sweaty, hot lil bundle by the end but she did fantastically. Thanks to Melissa for watching our two boys...and she's got 3 of her own already! I think I'll be editing in the basement today:)

We are going to Osoyoos next week and I really hope it's not too hot. I can't believe our summer holidays are half over! July just flew by.

Gary's headed to the Mariner's game this afternoon and we are having Kai's buddy Noah over for a playdate. Other than that, I will be hiding out in the house. Okay, Koen's napping..better use my free time (aka just one kid!) wisely.


  1. don't say that!!!! "summer is half way over"

  2. Mike's at the Mariners game right now too... I wonder if they'll see each other?! Being 7 months pregnant in this heat isn't so lovely (I can't complain though, we have a heat pump!).