Thursday, July 02, 2009

Canada Day 2009

Yesterday we went to the Langley Airport to celebrate Canada Day with our family and friends. Kai had an amazing time. He LOVED the swings because they were the fastest ride. It was $10 for a pass to go on all rides so we did that and he loved it. Growing up we NEVER got to have ride passes etc because there were 5 of us which is totally understandable. We did go to Disneyland once though so I shouldn't complain:)

I've done a lot of our editing in Lightroom but just knowa little more than the basics in Photoshop so I am working on some different photoshop techniques over the summer. The collage was something I tried out this morning. Has potential:)

Kai and Gary spent some time looking at the old cars (check out Kai's ear). Kai LOVES cars. They also had a Monster Truck to ride on and if there wasn't a long line up, we for sure would've taken him on it. He would've been ecstatic.

Afterwards we had everyone back at our house (7 adults and 9 kids) and the kids ran wild while we ate some good food including fabulous strawberry pie made by Melissa. I must admit I looked on MLS this morning for a house with a yard. I would love our current house on an acreage. Oh well, we are very blessed to have what we do have. I think we'll stay where we are:)

Koen's 6 month post is coming...


  1. this last picture of kai, is this a big smile? a screaming with joy face? or just about sad to leave the cars face? I can't telling
    Sounds like you guys had fun yesterday

  2. That's Kai's new smile...we're going to have to work on it!