Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Last night was probably the worst night sleep I've had...ever? I managed to get both kids asleep downstairs by 10pm. Gary came home at 1am (from the Mariners game) and we moved everyone upstairs. I then fell asleep at 3am and was up at 6 am with the kids. I think it was due to insomnia and not the heat. Tonight we are all set up to sleep in the basement. Gary and I on a double futon? Oh boy...we're used to our king size bed. At least it's nice and chilly down there. I'll try not to think of the spiders...

(Look at his pudgy thighs..I'll miss them when he grows taller)
Koen is really moving. It amazes me what he does every day. His favourite thing to do is to have you lie down and he will just crawl all over you or use your leg to stand up. He does not like being alone at all. I have to say that when Gary was gone yesterday, I had no choice but to be a `good mom'. You know, like hang out with the kids all day. I find that when Gary is around, I use my time to get stuff done or relax on the computer.

Kai has been extra grumpy due to lack of sleep. He loves it when Gary spins him around. He also loves to cover Gary in a ton of blankets proclaiming that he is a baked potato. In this heat, I'm sure Gary loves it too. Then, we have to remove all the blankets and pretend to eat him. Hoping that one gets old soon:) Kai and I have mommy and son time every night when we eat our freezies on the front porch and check out all the cars going by.

I made fondant today. Nothing like standing by the stove in 30+C weather! The website said you should make it days in advance but after I had made it, I was told that it was best to do it the day of the cake making. Oh well, we'll see how it does when I make the cake tomorrow.

Koen had his second visceral massage today. He actually really likes it which surprises me being that he's on his back for a good 10 minutes AND having compressions on his belly. Koen LOVES avocados and I'm in the stage of balancing his milk and food intake. His tummy can't hold as much as Kai's could so I think that's why he's eating every 3 hours still...he's just hungry. In regards to the diapers, we have cut down our diaper usage in half at least. I am very thankful for that. I hated using so many diapers per day. I'm trying to work up the energy to get into the cloth ones again. I took these pictures because he's moving to a big car seat this sad, another sign that my baby is getting to be so big! Look at his eyes in the first one. Kai's eyes have turned hazel like Gary's, I wonder if Koen's will stay blue.

We may have gone to McDonald's for dinner primarily to use their AC and have Kai play in the play area. We only go there once every 3 months and I hate feeling like I just ingested 50 grams of fat so I will stop thinking about it. Exercise is seriously impossible these days as its just way too hot. Gary may be driving the boys around in the air conditioned van right now because Koen fell asleep in it and it will guarantee a good nap out of him.

We are headed up to Osoyoos with friends on the weekend. I have to admit that the idea of spending 5 days in 35+C weather does not excite me. The rest of it excites me but the heat does not. Without kids, no problem. With them...oh man.

Talking about `without kids', I realized that Gary and I have not been on a date in over 7 months. We do get out the two of us when we are doing a photo shoot but that's it and I don't think that counts as we are working. We are scheduled for a date on August 12th for our birthday dinners. I can't believe I'm almost 31, that sounds so old! I love being in my 30's though, it feels right.

Okay, kids are with Gary. I'm going to relax or something. Probably clean up.


  1. I agree, no exercise or long walks for me either. Can't wait for it to cool down a bit so I can venture outside again!

  2. Koen is adorable! The last three pictures of him made me laugh. What a cutie!

  3. Do you own your own cloth diapers already? I use a diaper service which is EXACTLY the same as disposables but better... no cleaning (not even the poop), no rash, same price, plus probably a tax break if the petition get approved! I love it. You should look into it... You can do two week trials too.

  4. Katie, I do own my own diapers already which is why i should be using them. I did it with Kai for one year and said that when Koen was 6 months old I would do it again becaue the clean up is way easier. We will see...:)