Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Today while looking in our hat storage box, I found a toque (you know, a knitted hat for all you non-Canadians..happy bday Canada). My mom asked me to do several things in the last few months before she died. One thing she asked was that I find her a toque for when she lost her hair again. Although, she never really lost it the last time around so she never wore the hat more than once.

Here's the toque. Nothing exciting, right?

But look a little closer.

My mom's short, gray hair. Something. Do I put this toque in my `mom box' so I have that hair for as long as possible? You betcha. It's crazy how that little hair likely evokes nothing in you, but to me, it makes me have a lump in my throat.
And, in other news..Happy Canada Day and happy 4th birthday to my dad. In 2005, he had a heart attack and his heart stopped. They had to bring him back with the paddles. He now considers today his new birthday.


  1. I remember that time 4 years ago, hearing about your Dad, knowing you & Gary were out of reach in the woods somewhere, and we were praying and praying for your Dad. Happy Birthday Jack!

  2. The picture of the hair gives me a lump in my throat too. That is a wonderful find, Louise.

  3. Hey Louise, I must confess that I sneak to your blog once and awhile from a link of Marias blog. I like to see whats happening in your life. Everytime I read what you wrote about your mom, I want to cry. Just seeing that hair brings tears to my eyes because I feel for you. When your mom just died, I cried at home for you. I phoned my sister Pauline and we both cried on the phone for you and your sister Maria and your family. What a loss. A part of your life must always seem empty. Especially with having kids now to. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that I feel for you and what a special treasure of a strand of hair.