Monday, July 20, 2009

Good Eats

We're starting to get some good food from our garden which is always fun. You don't realize how good home grown strawberries are until you have one. These guys taste way better than they look.

Wedding shoot went well on Saturday and I should have some (okay, a lot of) pictures posted tomorrow. We are heading out in a few hours for an engagement shoot. I just realized this week that this is our job, not just a hobby. We just enjoy it so much, we forget its work. It is also a great option for me in the future to be a stay at home mom. The only problem is that I will be a mom-in-front-of-the-computer-for-hours-editing kind of mom, but I guess I can do all that when the kids are in bed. Thank goodness we have summers off to do this as there's no way we could do what we do if we were working full time in the summer! I guess I sort of have experienced working while having 2 kids which I always thought would be very overwhelming. Teaching will be an entirely different story I'm sure, so exhuasting!

(Kai's hair is crazy...we are growing it out. He has very awkward, very straight hair. He says he wants to grow it as long as mine. We'll see about that).
Koen has really started moving. It's kind of a random crawl with some leg extensions, belly flops and big wiggles but he gets to where he wants to go! Pretty soon it will be time to put the baby gate back up. Talking about baby gates, I think Gary and I are pretty confident that we would like a 3rd child, just not right now:) Who am I? As I predicted (as did my sister Maria), you just can't make that decision while 8 months pregnant, or recovering from a C-section, or getting up 4 times in the night. I guess things get easier when the baby is 6 months because it was at this magical time that I thought that I really, really want one more baby. We will see if that is what God has planned for us or not, but in the meantime, we're going to enjoy our wonderful family of four.

And as for moving, we are going to stay put until our mortgage is up for renewal (1.5 years). Then we will see what the rates are at and whether or not it would be wise to take on a larger mortgage. For now, we will try to maximize our space (any tips?) and do a little painting to spice things up. And, I will stop looking at MLS:)
See ya!


  1. i totally agree that editing pics on the computer at home is a great stay-at-home-mom job to have :)
    glad you're feeling more decided about some of those bigger decisions...i know it's hard to not know, but just want to know what you want :)

  2. Such exciting decisions for your family!!

  3. woohoo! i say go for three. two is boring. what if one of your kids doesn't like the other? they have no one else to choose from :P

    if you do go for three, and are interested, a VBA2C is possible, and statistically no more risky than another pregnancy. you know me; always plugging for the VBACs :D
    of course, if you do go for three, and are not interested, there are nice things about sections, too. or adoptions.

    i'm wrestling hard with whether to have another. i'm just not family feels so perfect, why tempt fate? but I feel too young for my reproductive life to be over...
    what if i have a girl? so different. i'd have to start over. would it wreck the wonderful balance we've achieved, or simply add to it? who knows. waiting to see...