Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Green Lake Trip #2

We are up at Green Lake with my dad and having a good time. I do have to say that the kids do much better in their own beds. Gary and I did not get much sleep last night. Oh well, Kai is having the time of his life so it's worth it?!

Admittedly, I'm obsessed with making these picture packages in Photoshop, I just think it summarizes everything nicely. Shows the max amount of pictures in an optimal space. It seriously just takes 5 minutes to do.

Gary and I are hoping on taking Koen for a hike later and leaving Kai behind with Opi. We will see if that works out. Kai on a real hike with us would not be much fun, especially with the incline.

Not sure if it's a good or bad thing that there is an internet connection up here right now...this is usually where we get a ton of reading done. I did read a bunch of my chemistry workbook yesterday and had teaching nightmares last night (I'm teaching chemistry for the first time in the fall).

Right now both kids are napping, for probably just 30 minutes, so we are enjoying the peace and quiet. I'm on the computer and Gary is out on the Jetski. Aw man, Koen is crying. His 30 min. nap is up. Seriously.

This was before we left, but seriously, Kai is showing some brotherly love. Love it.

Our herb garden.

Time to feed a kiddo and head on back outside.


  1. Beautiful! Looks so fun and everyone looks so happy. Koen looks precariously perched in that 2nd shot! ;)

  2. Do you use Lightroom to edit? I have Elements but I don't think it can do everything I'm wanting it too. I'm not big in to editing but I think I'm starting to get in to it a bit more.

  3. Nice - enjoy! Looks like great weather.

  4. Katie, seriously, I do VERY little editing. All I do is crop a picture and maybe increase the vibrance, contrast and clarity and play with the exposure a bit. Okay, that sounds like a lot. You should be able to play with the saturation/hue sliders in Elements breaking down individual colours rather than the `master' if that makes any sense. Lightroom is def. my favourite and I think the best for editing huge masses of pictures.

  5. Love the photos Louise- looks like a lot of fun. Not sure what it means for me, but I've had loads of teaching dreams also- though mostly not nightmares. If I was teaching chem for the first time my normal teaching dreams would be nightmares also!

  6. love the pictures. all of them!!! :)