Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kai's First Date

This video was taken a few weeks ago at Green Lake. Kai was such a little man taking the neighbour girl on a lawnmower ride. Don't worry folks, they were closely supervised (by their grandpa's) and the blade obviously wasn't on:)


Funny things Kai has said this week:

Upon seeing Gary come down the stairs in his nice clothes for wedding photography, Kai said, ` Daddy, you look handsome like Bob!'. You know, like Bob the Builder.


Kai learning that flattery may work...`Mommy, you have pretty eyes. Can I have a freezie?'


Kai: Daddy, what kind of flower is that?

Gary: A marigold

Kai: YOu're right Daddy, you are so smart!


Me: Kai, you've got so many bumps and scrapes, you're falling apart!

Kai (looking so concerned and worried): I'll break like glass?


Not really a funny story but Kai is so upset that his broken toy jeep is currently buried in the dump somewhere. Last night he really wanted us to take him to the dump to go get it back:)


Kai was recently given the job of taking the compost out to the bin. He is so interested in the process of worms eating the scraps and pooping out good soil which in turn makes our garden grow. Ask him about it, he loves to talk about it!


  1. LOVE that video :)

  2. Oh, that is too cute!! It looks like a commercial (i don't know for what but they look sweet together)