Thursday, July 09, 2009


Yesterday Koen got to eat some canned applesauce that my mom had made. I felt so emotional in the sense that he was eating something that my mom had made. A connection between my mom and my son who she never met. Something that she made for him, unknowingly. Sisters, keep some for your babies to be!
Thanks oma!
I saw my sister Jantina's record of immunizations the other day and in it, my mom had written when she started solids, how long she was breastfed for, when she stood etc. I wish I had some of that information. I would encourage moms to document it because one day your kid may want to know. Either you might not remember or maybe you won't even be around. That's life.

Koen had his 6 month shot yesterday, yup, just one shot as they combine them now. The nurse took one look at his thigh and was like, `I'll be back, I need a bigger gauged needle.'! He is a lot shorter (2 inches!) and smaller than Kai was but still in the 75-90th percentile. He has actually lost some weight and is just 19lbs 2oz. I remember Kai losing weight around this time, they are just so active!

The doctor asked if he was always that happy and I said yes. He is one very content and happy boy even when he misses a nap. He doesn't sleep very much. Two hours in the day, 8.5 at night. Less than 12 hours for a 6 month old? So ridiculous. I can't wait until he falls alseep before 10pm. I shouldn't complain as he is happy and giggling from 8-10pm but Gary and I need some time without kids around!

He is a HUGE mover. If you have him on the couch with you, he just crawls all over you and dives here and there with no fear.

Kai has changed over this past week. He has thrown out some new phrases or ideas like `You just have to give it a little try daddy', `we should get a fax machine', `we should have a mini golf course!'. He runs around our house wildly with a stroller playing shopping or delivery truck. I think he goes grocery shopping with a stroller because that's what we do. He's a good little/big boy and is really looking forward to having cake for his birthday in a month.

Yesterday Kai ran the two blocks back from the mail box saying `Mommy, I'm exercising!'. I asked him why he was running and he said, `So I can be fast at football, soccer and hockey!'. Okay, sounds good to me.
Love my two little monkeys. I have to say they are pretty good kids and life is quite easy with the two of them. I really look forward to the day that Kai sees Koen as a playmate option or someone that he truly loves. Any tips for getting the older sibling to show a little love to his younger brother? Or does it just come with time? He is protective of Koen if someone wants to take him but has probably only hugged Koen 3 times in his life. It's so strange because we show so love in our family with words and hugs all the time. Kai does it to us but not to Koen.


  1. Seriously - Koen is so cute. your boys' dimples are REALLY going to catch the girls' eyes as they grow up.
    Ezra is SO timid...he is JUST starting to experiment with crawling over me if I"m laying the ground.
    re: showing love. i think it would come with time. Taeya loves to interact with Ezra, but still doesn't touch him. HOwever, every night at bedtime, we all go into Ezra's room and pray for him - and we always ask Taeya to give him a hug and kiss, which she does. It may not be much, but at least it's something :)

  2. Kai doesn't want to play basketball, eh? every other sport, but not the one his father coaches...too bad!

  3. I can't believe Koen is already pulling up on stuff! You've got some real go-getter kids there. Just today I introduced sweet potatoes to Jaxon, he wasn't so interested. Applesauce sounds good.