Sunday, July 05, 2009

Muscle Shirt

I found Kai in the bathroom, standing on the stool, checking out his `muscles' in the mirror.

Kai has started jogging with us. He gets to push the stroller and jog a couple of blocks with us and then he jumps in the stroller for the rest of the way. Although his jog is obviously slower than ours, we have to jog along with him or we may get yelled at:) I wonder when my little boy will be able to run faster or further than I can? I think I will feel very old on that day.


  1. so cute!! I keep working on getting Aiden to run with me. I hope that as he gets older we could do a running event together. I think it is so nice that you are running as a family.

  2. so cute! :)
    where did he learn to do this? Or perhaps I should say WHO did he learn this from? :)