Friday, July 03, 2009

6 Months Old

My little baby is now not so much a baby as he's now starting solids and moving around. We love him so much and his smile literally lights up my life.

Sleep: Has maybe 3 naps that are 45 minutes each. He sleeps from 10pm-6:30am. Woohoo! At this age, Kai was sleeping at least two 2 hour naps and slept from 8pm-7am so I guess this guy isn't as much into the whole sleeping thing.

Eating: I still breastfeed him every 3.5 hours and he has a `meal' in between of either rice cereal, pears, apple, banana or sweet potato.

Reflux: I've been told that solids help to keep it down, and he doesn't vomit anymore, but I just think it makes his spit up so much more disgusting. Now I get covered in coloured spit up. Yuck!

Diaper stuff: He's down to pooping maybe 6 times a day, this is a great improvement.
Weight: 19 lbs 9 ounces

I wanted to document parts of Koen because they grow up so fast and I forget what they look like as a baby so here are some close ups of Koen.

His precious little feet that like to jump, jump, jump.
He tries to grab his feet but is a very unflexible baby. I think its because his thighs are so big:) It's probably a good thing because he's not good with pressure on his tummy.
Talking about thighs, check out these big ones! We can't figure out if his knees have rug burn or a sun burn. Oops.
His hands that love grabbing everything. Your hair, ears, necklace, food, toys...anything!
He does suck his fingers but not really to soothe himself but to indicate he's getting tired.
This guy is one second away from crawling. He moves maybe a foot in 10 minutes:) He has some fancy leg extensions and other moves that he's working on. He'll get it soon. Check out the dimples! We are SO thankful that we were able to have a second child and that it's him.
His back fat...
And crazy belly button. It looks like the opening of the balloon when its all tied up in a knot. Do you know what I mean?
He now sits on his own and plays with his toys which is such a fun stage. He can move from sitting to on all fours quite easily.
Koen LOVES his big brother. Kai is taking baby steps in regards to interacting with his brother but we'll get there. Here he's trying to blow on his tummy because I was doing it.
Koen, you have been here 6 months and you have brought so much happiness to our lives. You make me and daddy smile with your giggles and dopey grin. We love how you are so easy going and flexible. We look forward to getting to know you over all the years to come. We're praying that God gives you a wonderfully long life full of amazing family, friendships, experiences and a relationship with Him. Love you Kokoes!!!


  1. Oh, I love his baby thighs!! So cute :)
    I totally see what you mean about the balloon... it looks exactly like that!!

  2. Seriously - he does have huge thighs - so funny when you change him he does not even bend Solid! Cute too!

  3. Happy 6 months! What a totally cute little man.

  4. He is one cutie patootie. Good idea to capture his 6-month-old body in parts. You are so good at enjoying your children as they are each day, knowing they are growing up so fast. I figure that is a blessing to be able to have that perspective. It is clear that you love and enjoy your boys so much. You're a great mom.