Thursday, October 30, 2008

Girl Names Please!!!

I know this seems like no big deal but I really need help finding girl names. We are set with the boy, but the girl, we (really I) can't figure it out! Here are a few things; I really like a lot of the top 10 type names (Emma, Emilee, Ella, Olivia, Sofia etc) but we would rather stay away from super popular names:) Maybe a variation of one of these names? Eliana? Ariana? There are names, like Jayda, that I really like but we have a nephew Jayden whom we see once a week:) I'm sort of liking Miraya/Mia/Milaya or some variation but can't figure it out. Maybe I just need to give her a top 10 name that I like and not worry that they'll be 3 other girls in class with her with the same name:)
Gary is really not helpful at finding/discussing baby names. I'm not trying to say my husband is useless in this area but I have spent HOURS looking into names (via internet sites) and he `allows' me 5-10 minutes a week to go over some with him while he grunts yes or no to possibilities. I don't want to spend hours more on this.
Finally, it cannot rhyme with Kai which omits all Mya/Kya etc. which are fun sounds that I like.
If there are 70 people that read this every day, surely someone must have a good idea!!!
Watch this baby be a boy:)


  1. by the way the photogs look great. I'm very jealous of the 5d purchase. Good pick up...I can see the colour pop from that badboy.
    I forgot to add Brenta to the mix of girls names....

  2. I would have suggested Astrid, but now that's the hot new name on TV. Which means for the next 3-5 years lots a people will name their girls Astrid (Astrid is my aunts name, love the name, it from Norway).

    How about Joy? Or Beth.

  3. I'm teaching a Mila and a Lila right now. Also a Lilw (pronounced something like lil-ou-way). They're all very sweet girls so their personalities enhance the names rather than put negative stigmas on them (you know how certain students affect how we imagine people with certain names...)

    Hope it helps a little,

  4. What about Neela? (love that character on "ER"!).
    Or...Jenita. or Rieyana. Or Tianna. or just go for classic Jennifer. By then it'll be forgotten. Or Ruth.

  5. Anonymous8:07 AM

    i went to school with a girl named Quinn, always liked that name.

    Or Wynn

  6. my last comment didn't stick...huh.
    Have you thought about Deana, Andreya, Samee or Andi?

  7. I was just thinking about name trends the other day. It is funny how a name becomes so popular, when five years ago you had never heard of it before (Kai and Caelan both seem to be extremely popular these days! Nothing wrong with going with a top 10 name.). I remember one nurse in the hospital being so disappointed we had an Ashlyn, because she thought she had made the name up for her daughter. Picking ours were a bit easier because we wanted them all to have Gaelic names like my own, so it narrowed the search down a little bit. I have 2 favorite names that are not Gaelic and so we didn't use....Lauren and Amaya. Good luck! Whatever you choose will be perfect.

  8. Maria is one of my favourites (though I doubt you’ll choose that one)
    Maaike: Dutch diminutive form of Maria
    Aleida/Alida: Dutch short forms of Adelaide meaning "noble, kind"
    Neela: from the Sanskrit for “dark blue” (another favourite of mine)
    Neelam (used for both male and female): from the Sanskrit for “sapphire”
    Aaliyah: Arabic for “high, lofty, sublime”
    Veda: Sanskrit for “knowledge”
    Sachiko: Japanese for “happiness child”
    Ester/Esther: Persian for “star” (though you might not want to choose the name of so violent a biblical character)
    Gaëlle: French derivative of the Breton name meaning "fair, blessed, generous"
    Anabel/Amabel: from the Latin "amabilis" meaning "lovable"
    Sa’ida/Saida: Arabic for “happy, lucky”
    Farah: Persian for “joy, happiness, cheerfulness”
    Lily: English derivative from the Latin “Lilium
    Anika/Annika: Dutch form of the Hebrew Hannah meaning "grace, favour"
    Gabby/Gabi/Gabrielle: Meaning "strong woman of God"; feminine forms of the Hebrew "Gavri'el"
    Gabriëlle: Dutch form of the above
    Veronica: Latin for “true image” or “icon of truth”
    Lila/Leela: Sanskrit for “play, amusement”
    Sakina: Arabic for “calmness, peace”
    Anastasia (or Anna): Greek for resurrection
    Isabel: consecrated to God (I guess this isn’t really an option)

    These are just a few ideas. You can also make a feminine form of any male name that you like or look for cognates from a different language. If you really want something different you can create a name. Most names are simply already existing words (verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc.) that have been shaped to make a proper noun. The possibilities are endless. Anyway, good luck; have fun with the hunt.

  9. Oh, and Jaclyn is a wonderful name (I'm a little biased with this one).

  10. Ooooh I love baby names and Todd would hardly ever participate in the process.
    My favourite of ia type names is Malia - it means calm in Hawaiian and I only know one child with this name.


  11. okay, so you're into weird names. I like dog names. Is there an intersection?

    Met two labs whose owners were from Vernon, they called their puppies after their favorite lakes

    - Kanagan for okanagan
    - Cala - for Calamalka

    I like the names (kanagan in particular) and their association. But that's 'cause I love Vernon.

    Simon won't let me call our twins either.

    Get you thinking?

    I think your favorite hiking spot is Gagliardi - what about Glia?

    Also love Savannah since it invokes wonderful memories of Africa and is pretty. but Simon then says SavAAAnah like Americans do and then it sounds horrible.

    PS - don't take Kiva. I've reserved it. She was our lab. Si's parents hate it cause they think it sounds Russian. It makes me think of a tail wagging and lovely chocolate brown eyes.

    PS - I also like quinn but know a bunch of them... too popular?

    PPS - it must suck being a teacher 'cause you would always know some stupid brat with a name you used to like.

    PPS - really not a fan of just spelling a normal name differently. That sucks.

  12. I say choose a name you love and who cares if it's popular or not. Names go in phases but she'll be your daughter forever so you have to love it! :)
    You have some really good choices picked out there so go with your gut!

  13. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Adana - fathers daughter in African
    Dalia - african - gentle
    Zahra - flowering

  14. No new suggestions, but I really like the one you said - Milaya. I've heard it a bit before but never spelled like that. (I would try to stay away from the really popular names, but that's just me, and maybe some others. :)

  15. Anonymous7:53 PM

    How about spelling it Malea (with or without the accent on the e).


    Nolan and I had a tough time picking girl's names too. Once Lyra was picked, it was such a relief!

    Good luck!

  16. Anonymous11:14 PM

    - Amelia (that woould sound so good with Chapman and goes well as a sibling set with Kai)
    - Analise
    - Hannah
    - Pauline/Paulina (I think those are so pretty)
    - Aubrey (is on our list and I love it...Aubrey Elise is what we like, but that would also sound good with your last name)
    - Natalie/Natalia/Natasha?
    - Casey
    - Marissa
    - Larissa
    - Lucy

  17. Anonymous11:40 PM

    My sweet sister's name is Astrid and lovely as it is, she was called every imaginable name as a child (and not pleasant ones) . . how about something classic like Kathleen, Camilla (change it up with a K .. Kamilla), Rolien, Angelle, Gillian, Amelie, Lucille, Frederique, Rosa . .
    from Grace Groot

  18. Someone posted not to spell a name differently than the regular spelling. I agree. As a teacher, I see some of these names and think "Do we have to make things so difficult?"


    I use to like "Astrid" but after watching The Office, I can't stop thinking of "Astird".

    My pick?


    Ava Chapman.

  19. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Hebrew, means "water"

  20. Anonymous3:35 PM

    What about:

    Lucy (already been said, but super cute)

  21. It's been three days, where is an update - pics of halloween?

  22. Alethia
    Quinn (Riley was almost named Quinn...he went unnamed for 12 hours because we were waffling back and forth between Riley and Quinn)
    Brea (pronounced Brey-ah)

  23. WOW, that is a lot of suggestions. i hope you're not feeling too overwhelmed now :)
    my one suggestion is Adalia - it means noble. Ezra would have been Adalia Jade if he had come out a girl :)

  24. If I had won the baby name choice Livi would be Milla (pronounced mee-la). It is Russian and means favored of the people. Olivia is the only name that we were both okay with. I think she is growing in to it though.