Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday morning

(Auntie Janny teaching Kai about plane crashes)

This morning, my sister Jan came over at 8am (who does that?!) and then Maria, Ani and Bbelle came at 9am. Kai and Ani have such a blast together and play nicely for hours without our supervision. I'm so thankful that they have eachother. Our little guy won't have a close buddy as Bbelle will be a whole year older but maybe once they are 3 and 4, it won't matter so much.

(Auntie Janny playing farm with Kai. She lives in Mission so Kai prob. only sees her once every 2 weeks or so).
Kai has been blinking excessively the past 3 days. It is worst when reading books or watching tv but does happen throughout the day. I really don't think its his vision as he can read letters that are across the room very easily. I checked a bit online and they said that in most cases its just a phase that will prob. pass in a month or so. Other possibilities are vision problems, dry eyes due to the air or heat in the house, Tourettes, or allergies. I'll def. keep my eye on it anyway. TV is the worst, he probably blinks/grimaces every 2 seconds. Maybe its having too many camera flashes in his face all the time:)

Conversation yesterday:

Me: Kai, what is your favourite letter?

Kai: M

Me: Why `M'?

Kai: Cuz M is for mommy!

Yesterday, he also said, `Mommy, do you want a big hug?'. Do I ever!! He has also been saying `thanks' most of the time without me asking him too. Love it. One last thing he said, `Mommy, I'm just joking! I'm not serious!'. Where did he learn that? Okay, one more thing that he says that drives me crazy and is not tolerated anymore is saying that certain people are dead. He will sit there and say `Mommy's dead! Mommy's dead!' over and over. If you ask him about it, he can explain that when you are dead you go to heaven with God. I think he's just looking for a reaction which I no longer give him. I just say that I will not talk to him as long as he is talking like that.

School wise, things are good as I've had 3 weeks in a row of just teaching 2 days. Love that. Picture wise, things get busy around this time of year and I'm trying to figure out how much we want to do and when we want to stop for a few months off. Pregnancy wise, I feel like I have more energy than before and I can't believe how fast the weeks are flying by. I would like to have one more child...its just convincing Gary that I/we can handle it:) One at a time. I am really excited to get my body back into shape and its hard to completely commit to it when you think that you could have another baby because then you just get stretched out all over again. We will see. Okay, I better utilize my free time a little better:)


  1. Max did that blinking thing too. I don't know for how long, but he did stop.

  2. Anonymous3:44 PM

    wow what a hottie aunty