Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sleep in!

Kai slept at gramma's last night. Gary left at 6am. I was curious to see how long I would sleep in. I slept until 9:30am! Wowzers. I haven't slept that long in over 3 years. It was amazing to have the day to myself. I felt so....free. I didn't do anything exciting. I just cleaned the house, went grocery shopping, and got my hair cut:) I took Kai with me to vote tonight. It was terrible. It took an hour. Kai was grumpy and tired and sick. I had to hold him half the time. Holding a 32lb kid that wants to run away while you are pregnant is not fun.
You prob can't tell that my hair is cut. The front is actually the same length as before, they just shortened the back a few inches. The reason I took a picture is because they straightened my hair and i've never had it straightened before. Not too different but just a bit:) It's not the easiest taking a profile shot in the mirror I tell ya so deal with the overexposure! I drank 1L of chocolate milk this afternoon. I have a feeling I will get sick of it soon:) Well, back to work tomorrow morning after a whole week off of teaching. I only have 23 more teaching days (and then several meetings/parent teacher nights etc). I feel bad having a countdown but I think that in a month or so, I will be ready for the year long maternity leave! Although, the other day, I was so excited teaching my grade 9's about the difference between ionic and covalent bonds after they had learned about Bohr models. Most of them seemed kind of interested too and had really good questions. I will miss that:) Teaching Kai the alphabet doesn't seem as exhilarating. By the way, I love our van!


  1. Yo...I totally agree with ya on the voting situation..it took me over an hour waiting. standing. it was awful...it's cuz where we live used to be all farm land with only a few ppl to vote; when setting up stations, they didn't account for the hundreds of houses having been built there. Anyway. Quite...just tiring! Ick! Although there was a family ahead of me and they had a CUTE little girl (younger than Kai). But ya.
    I could totally tell your hair was straightened right away! I LOVE straightened hair - it takes me (well, Amy) two hours to do it, so I don't do it often. Once, actually. Anyway...have fun with the onion!!!

  2. gorgeous hair!
    I voted at 12:15. Didn't wait at all! Sorry to hear you had to wait with an energetic toddler. You'd think ppl would take pity on you and let you skip the line!

  3. Anonymous1:21 AM

    You look great, Louise. I love your shirt color. And there is nothing wrong with having countdowns. I always need something to look forward to.

  4. I can't believe you are counting days...by the way, only 45 teaching days until Christmas break!

  5. I like the hair. They always blow dry mine straight too after I get my hair cut. it's fun for a day if I'm in North America. If I'm in Asia (with the humidity) it lasts about 2 hours, then my waves and frizz set in.