Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kai's love of letters!

These videos don't really show how much Kai loves letters, but really, he does. Whenever we are out, he is pointing out all the letters he knows. He pretty much recognizes most letters and I think that if I actually practiced with him, he'd get them all within a week. The other day he was going to be going to Costco and without even seeing the word, he remembered it and said `It has a C in it, and an O and another O!'. The video below shoes how he can read capital letters (although we didn't practice so he got a few wrong..guess we have to go over `S'!:)) Oh ya, at the very beginning we were going over what an exclamation mark means...I kind of explained it as being excited while reading it but it comes out more as yelling from him!

The three words he knows how to spell...he can spell them out with blocks now. He was in his blinking stage during this video but this stage has now passed. He will just do it for fun now saying `Mommy, look at me, I'm blinking!!!'

We have started reading a Children's bible with him after dinner and he LOVES it. He always asks about Adam, Eve, Noah, Moses, and Goliath. I'm nervous he's going to try to throw a rock at someone when they are being mean but I guess I can't shelter him from the violent old testament stories forever:) Yesterday when he woke up, he said with anticipation, `Mommy, can we read the Bible?'. So cheesy but so cute:)

This morning we went to the doctor. My blood sugar tests came back good, as did my hemoglobin levels. My uterus is measuring 28 inches and I've gained 17lbs overall. The heart rate was 148...I'm calling it as a girl still. A big one too. It was my shortest meeting with the doctor ever but I don't think I had a single question and I did have Kai with me so it was probably a good thing! This baby is such a mover. I really do not remember Kai moving this much. I am awoken various times throughout the night to the baby rocking and rolling. The movements are very uncomfortable already.

On Monday, Kai and I went to Crescent Beach to collect seaweed for Biology 11. Kai understood that I would be teaching my class about seaweed and he wondered what I was going to tell them. I explained that I would tell them how seaweed got its food. He said, `Maybe they eat meatballs!'. He has a funny imagination. All week he has been making us pretend cookies and asking if I want any with crazy ingredients like a curry, rosemary and peanut butter combination.
Although he is very funny and enjoyable, I def. feel my patience with him wearing thinner and thinner. I will NOT be taking him for a walk without having him strapped to a stroller for a while. He took off on me in Extra Foods (while I was paying he ran out the door) and was an absolute trouble maker while walking to the mailbox today.

Finally, I used my gift certificate for Spa Utopia today!! Maria babysat Kai and I had an hour to shop at Costco (where I bought new pj's for myself!) and then get my third trimester massage. It was great and I wish I could have one once a week:) My only complaints were that it was too hot in there and also, she didn't massage my toes. I could've asked I guess because I LOVE foot massages more than anything...besides English toffee maybe. I think I will get a pedicure/foot massage in December sometime. It was 50 minutes of relaxation and I enjoyed every one of those minutes. Oh, except for when she rubbed my face. I don't like that. Only my forehead is okay. Wow, I'm not making this sound very positive but it was really, really nice. It reminded me of when Gary and I were on our honeymoon (yes, this is appropriate). We went to the Kingfisher Lodge for 3 days where we had AMAZING food and AMAZING massages/wraps etc. I would really recommend it!


  1. Heyyyyyy, I saw you before your massage! Too cool! You and Riley both got new jammies.
    Glad you got pampered. Rock on. I had a foot massage/pedicure in July that was fan-frickin tastic! At the spa in Ft Langley. Can't remember what it's called!

  2. p.s. you're in for trouble with #2~rocking and rolling already!! ;-)

  3. Although I do at times get tired of hearing about it from Jackie, I must admit that he certainly is an adorable boy. The blinking video is cute. And hey, good to hear that you had a relaxing massage Louise.

  4. Yuppers. He's a cutie!
    Yup, kinda smart too. Gets it from me; I taught him 'please' remember? :)
    ...hey, remember when he told me "I wuv you" ... his first "I wuv you" ever!!? :) Yup, to his favorite aunt!

  5. Kai is a genius with the letters! And so cute, too. I don't know many kids his age that can do that. Well done, Mrs. Chapman.

  6. Anonymous6:18 PM

    I thought he must've done some practicing when I was babysitting and he was more interested in recognizing letters than eating his meal!
    Smart nephew I have eh?