Saturday, October 25, 2008

Helping Daddy

Kai loves helping daddy. I love it when Kai helps daddy:) Today they washed the van and salvaged some tomatoes from the garden (a billion had to be composted)
Today I crouched down to get a hug from Kai and I fell backwards. My balance is def. off!!
I can't believe we have the day free!! Tomorrow is VERY busy but I'm loving that we can do whatever we want today. I'm nervous about this stage that Kai is at. He does have to do everything himself and so we just need to be patient. Also, he used to only really have meltdowns in front of us, but now, he'll do it in front of others. Hmmmm. Never take him out? Kai said today that he would like to go swimming with Shamu. He wanted to jump with him in the water (ya right, he would be too scared to even get in the water). Then he said he wanted to talk with Shamu. I asked him what he would say and he said, `I would say I love you!'.
Tomorrow we've got a photo shoot with triplets! I'm excited about that...should be fun as they are 5 years old. I'm glad the weather is going to hold up for it! Then, we've got two Halloween parties. Kai is going to be partied out. Did I tell you that he's had a cold for 3 weeks? It's been 2 or 3 different colds. Grrrrrrrr. Okay, Kai wants to read..gotta go!


  1. We have some serious camera envy over here...

    The "do it myself" stage is trying, that's for sure. But it is wonderful too, seeing what they can learn to do. And how quickly!


  2. I like the photo of the onion with the blue hat/shirt. AW!!
    Who is Shamu? Hmmm...he wants to swim eh? Maybe some sisters should organize a swimming part with him & Annie!!

  3. You're Shamu:) Just kidding...the whale from Sea World whom he loves.