Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Patch!

(Hugs for the baby!)

(the drawbacks of using a timer...we really need to go with another family and take turns taking pictures of eachother. All I wanted was a family photo....grrr....)

Gary was gone for 4 days so it was fun having him back today! He was on a hike through Garibaldi with his LEAD class at school and had a fabulous time. He will likely post something on it...I'm encouraging him to:) I obviously didn't blog that he was gone because I worry a little about security (my father has made me paranoid). However, the 4 days went quickly and Kai was a good little boy AND I had more than enough energy so that was all good!

In other exciting news...we got our 5D camera. I don't think Gary thought we would EVER have one (I didn't either) but we found a deal of sorts on Craigslist and decided to go for it. We are officially done spending any money for These last 3 weeks were crazy with a van, camera and lens. We will be selling his old 20D and our Tamron lens to recoup some of the costs.
We've been playing around with different lenses and cameras so hopefully we'll figure out the perfect combo's soon:)
I think I will be a pumpkin for Halloween
By the way, this pumpkin patch is on 32nd and 190th and has super cheap pumpkins and lotsa space to run around. Kai was LOVING it.


  1. I think the photogs look fantastic (and so do you!).


  2. So cute! Kai is so cute! Looks like fun.