Monday, November 03, 2008


Thanks for all the baby name advise. It gave me a few new ideas and maybe confused me a bit more:) I really do appreciate all of the comments. Talking about comments, I feel like I have been getting a lot that are so polar. At a wedding this weekend, one person asked when I was due and I said in about 8 weeks. She said, `You are so tiny!'. I'm tiny? Okay lady. Then, an hour later, another woman commented, `You're like a torpedo! How much longer?' I told her 2 months and she was shocked. So ya, I'm big. I'm small. Whatever. I have just realized that people like to comment on size. That's fine. However, I wish I had more people saying things like `How is it going working while pregnant? How is it with Kai right now? How are you sleeping? How is your pelvis?'. Hello people, I'm not just a belly, I am a person who wants to be cared for!!! That's what mom's are for I guess...

I have booked an expensive hotel for Gary and I in a couple of weeks. I was so indecisive and then just decided to go for the good one because really, its the only hotel we will be staying at in the next year and its just one night. We wanted a good night away to eat yummy food, walk around, take pictures at Stanley Park and downtown, AND it had to have a soaker tub because I think that could provide some sweet relief:) So, I am really looking forward to spending some quality time with Gary before the craziness ensues. Having kids def. puts a huge stress on marriage, well, ours anyway!

How am I feeling you ask? Hmmm...not sleeping so well. My pelvis feels like it is very battered and bruised. Fortunately my back is okay this time, I hope that this continues. Baby is stretched out as far as it can go so now he/she just needs to fatten up a bit:) I seriously need to lie on my side as it feels so good. I am def. not exercising these days (besides regular housework and teaching) as it feels like my pelvis is broken. I know, i should swim. Should. Too bad. I checked out the picture of me at this stage with Kai and I guess I'm about the same. I just have to add that being so pregnant in the winter is WAY better than in the summer. I'm not as sweaty and swollen. Huge bonus.

We had our last wedding on Saturday (until June). The weather behaved. Phew. Pictures at Granville Island were fun.

Kai did a great job getting us candy while trick or treating. We just went around the block. He skipped two houses because he said `That one is too scary!'. I noticed that there was only one kid with a homemade costume. I can't believe how much things have changed. I had a homemade one every single year of my life growing up (old man, clown, punk, drink box). I think I will have to make one for Kai next year. Maybe. I should.

Kai is funny. Gary used to joke that he took a helicopter to school. When Kai was first learning to talk, he would say `Daddy takes a hekida to schoozle'. He can now say it perfectly fine but he loves driving me nuts every time we drive by the Langley airport, `Mommy, there's a hekida!!!'. The other day, Gary was driving him by the airport and Kai said with a mischevious smile, `I'm going to tell mommy that I saw a hekida!'. His vocab and sentence structure is amazing me. I brought him to Sunday school again this week. Although his understanding and his ability to contribute is good, he is not good at sitting still. I had to stay with him the whole time to make sure he was staying focussed. I just sat across the room and sometimes I held him on my lap. Maybe if I wasn't there he would do better? It's a bit early to start him in there but the nursery was driving him nuts.

I just read a good book. It is a memoir called `Prisoner of Tehran'. Recommend it.
We went to the marble slab creamery because they had a 2 for 1 coupon!

15 more teaching days:)

Gary is so good about cooking with Kai. Kai is so involved in the process and is Daddy's big helper. I am so glad that Gary enjoys cooking, especially after I've taught for the day. I know that in this area, I am truly blessed!

I should find out tomorrow when we are having our baby!!!! I'm so excited. I'm hoping for Jan.2nd but could be the 7th.


  1. Yes, being pregnant in winter is WAY better than in the summer, but i far prefer heading into winter with a newborn instead of heading into summer with one. That's why I had hoped to have a February baby...but I admit i'm just glad to be done with pregnancy :)
    i hope you are able to enjoy your last couple months!

  2. It's funny you should mention that, Mark was just saying this morning, "I wonder how Louise's pelvis is doing?"

  3. OH those coupons for Marble Slab, Mark and I searched the mailroom recycling at his complex, and found more then 15! yahoo, 15 2 for 1's, & the expiry is Oct. 2010! Bonus.

  4. I've heard good things about that icecream place... :)
    Hopefully Kai will be as good of a helper with the wee little one as he is with cooking!