Sunday, October 26, 2008

Busiest Sunday EVER

(The only costume Kai will wear is this doggy coat)

Okay, maybe not the busiest Sunday ever, but it felt like it! We had church this morning and Kai went to Sunday school for the first time. He was only there for half of it but I think he will enjoy it much more than the nursery. Then, we rushed home to put Kai to bed and we went off to Campbell Valley Park for a photo shoot (we will have pics up in about 3 days...I don't think I'll have a chance to start editing til tomorrow night). Big thanks to auntie Trisha for watching Kaisie!!! Then, we woke Kai up and went to Halloween Party #1.

(We were so rushed but I found a doggy hat that fit my head:))

(Kai throwing the ball to try to knock over the pins)

After that, we went straight to the church for the Harvest Party where we were in charge of the hockey shooting game. I tried to take Kai around to play the games but it was a bit too wild for him so we cornered him off next to our station where him and his buddy Carter played hockey for a bit. They took a break and had some popcorn. I think these boys will have fun playing sports together when they grow up:) Carter is now a big brother so they will have something else in common in just a short while!
I would say the highlight for Kai was cleaning up afterwards. He LOVED it. He kept looking for things to throw in the garbage and more corn to throw in the pile. Afterwards he said, `The corn was so heavy but I helped clean up!'.

(Kai with cousin Kieryn helping clean up)

Okay, time to unwind and relax and get ready for work tomorrow. Bon nuit.


  1. Anonymous10:10 PM

    . . that is the most adorable pic of Kai . . ever!!
    Grace (groot)
    . . oh, and don't worry about fatigue . . I'm beyond exhausted after teaching music (every day) and clearly I'm done with having kids!

  2. what a big boy! :)
    Man, just reading that blog made me tired...

  3. what a little helper!