Monday, October 13, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

Gary and I are so thankful for all we have. I'll bet Gary is thankful that he is lying in bed right now while I'm going to get back into photo editing and Kai is watching a little Diego:) Gary never stays in bed past 7am so he must be tired, I hope he isn't getting sick! We are a little pictured out right now but I should include a 27 week picture Time is flying! Quick update on `stuff' and I'll write more later:
1. Kai saw the giant hay bales in the white plastic while we were driving and exclaimed so excitedley, `Toilet paper!!!'
2. Kai is coughing non stop. Grrrr.
3. We had a wedding on Saturday and I'm currently going through the 1700 pictures:) The weather was perfectly cloudy and I think we got a lot of gooders.
4. Thanksgiving dinner #3 tonight.
5. Kai is funny. He usually is allowed to come into our room in the morning and hang out with us in bed for 5 minutes or so. He likes to climb `Mommy mountain' and `Daddy mountain', turn on our music, and just be silly. I asked him why he was up so early today (6:15 am) and he said very contemplatively, `Well, because....I waked up!'. He is still curious about each new word he hears and is quite happy with the explanation for things like `pal'. HOwever, daddy's explanation for `election' was a little over his head!
6. I have gained 15lbs and its all belly. I'm suprised how many people have said that I'm still quite small. I think because its just a ball upfront it may not look that big? All I can say is that this baby is big already. I can feel the full length of it stretched out and kicking about 3 inches above my belly button. I find that the most comfortable position is lying on my side and I try to lay on the couch for 1-2 hours each evening. This makes me feel like my abdomen/uterus has ample room. Sitting is not comfortable as the baby pokes out in all directions.
7. Well, Kai just asked me to play puzzle with him so I better be a good mommy. Oh ya, I forgot to mention that Saturday morning I got more mad at him than I have ever been with him. He needed a diaper change before we dropped him off at gramma's for the day and he refused. I had to pin him down and then he started spinning (with a dirty diaper) and `stuff' went everywhere. I was so frustrated! I didn't swear or anything but the tone I used with him was quite harsh and the feelings of anger I had in my head did not diminish for a good hour! I would say that my hormones have def. increased my ability to get angry fast. Gary can prob. attest to that!


  1. um, about #6 ... isn't your baby IN your uterus? do you mean above your belly button, or something? :)

  2. Oops! Fixed brain.