Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Two Vehicles

(The only picture I have from the last couple days...we threw some rocks in the river at Derby Reach. We were checking to see if the leaves had changed colour there for future photo shoots, but alas, they were just green and yellow)

I thought i would post quickly since we have a busy week ahead of us. I have realized that having 2 vehicles is awesome HOWEVER, it may lead to less exercise and spending more money. I hope not! It's def. nice being able to run errands while Gary is at work, rather than rushing out when he gets home. The van drives very well and is now nice and spiffy inside:) I somehow have more school work then I did last year and I'm not entirely sure why. It could be that I have classes that are a bit harder to manage and so I collect everything for marks to ensure they are working the whole time (rather than just doing a lab/activity for fun). It's crazy to think that all the work I'm doing from Sept-Christmas is going towards the van....oh well, at least I like my job!

I am now at a stage where I am really putting on the pounds and my belly is expanding almost painfully. Last night, from 1-2am I was in quite a bit of pain. I'm not sure what it was but it was like my uterus was just holding one long contraction. Everything is fine today but I'm kind of at a stage now where I get a bit nervous. I just need this baby to stay safe and sound inside of me. I haven't had the painful leg cramps at night yet and I am def. dreading that. My newest craving/love is chocolate milk. I LOVE IT!!!!!! We are set on our boy name and our girls first name flucuates daily with all similar type names....all start with either E, A or M:) I want a cute short name but I think we are going for a `longer' name with a cuter nickname?! As of today, we may have it. I keep anticipating that this baby will behave perfectly. Everyone seems to have a really good 2nd baby and Kai was pretty nuts so I'm thinking it better not be worse!

We now have a conference for the next two days, then a wedding, then thanksgiving celebrations. I'm trying to think if Kai has said anything funny over the last few days. Kai now asks what every word means so i have to watch what i say. Example: `Mommy, what does turd mean?' Yesterday, he held up his chewy fruit snack that was shaped like a banana or something and he said `Look mommy, a penis!' and then he found another one and said it was another part of the male anatomy. He's such a boy. His fish Kiki died this morning. We were honest this time and explained that he had died. He is very curious about why it died. I tried to explain that it was old and sick. He wanted to know how it got sick. So hard to explain. Now, when he doesn't want something he says that its dead. We'll have to work on that.

Well, better get marking before the pile gets too big. Gary and I are def. planning a mini weekend away before the baby comes so I really hope we follow through with that. It will prob. just mean getting a hotel in Vancouver to eat yummy food and take some photos which sounds good to me! Bon nuit.


  1. oh I haven't told you my very real dream I had of your new baby and the name. I 'll have to remember to tell you tomorrow.

  2. I totally had the chocolate milk craving! I drank SO much of it but will barely touch it now. We also had issues choosing a girls name. We decided on the boys name immediately and loved it but couldn't agree on the girls name. We ended up compromising with the longer grown up name "olivia" (Jon's choice) and calling her Livi (my choice). It's a good alternative.

  3. Tip for the leg cramps and the painful Braxton Hicks contractions that my midwife told me, and which worked for me, is Calcium. As I'm sure you know, Calcium is imperative for muscle contraction, and low levels of Calcium can cause painful cramps. Your body will give baby the Calcium it needs first, before maintaining what you need. Recommended dose is 1200 to 1500 IUs per day, and it's best to take Calcium Magnesium Citrate, with Vitamin D added so you can absorb the calcium.
    This supplement also helps with insomnia.
    (One of my midwives is a naturopathic physician so she was a handy resource for things like this!)
    If you take an iron supplement, don't take them together because Calcium interferes with Iron absorption.

    Hope that helps!