Thursday, October 30, 2008

Recovery Day

(My niece Ani...they have great lighting at their place!)

I seriously feel like my days at home are a recovery from the teaching day before. I think I should wear a pedometer. Maybe a heart rate monitor too:) This has been my most challenging year ever teaching. I had given the kids evaluation forms about my teaching, the curriculum, the classroom atmosphere and overall it was very encouraging. There is one class though, my toughest, where the weakness they listed for me was 75% of the time `too nice'. I give too many chances. I know I do. Obviously I would never let certain things go at all (safety, harassment etc) but I do give too many chances for talking. I know I was a big talker back in the day but seriously, by gr.11, I was a lot more controlled and I feel like they should be too. Anyway, I won't bore you with details. BUT, I will tell you what my teaching strengths are according to my classes:) They are; enthusiasm, organization, my loud/clear voice, and my ability to explain things simply. Sounds good to me! Gary's strengths would def. be more `hands on' type learning. I, on the other hand, think 1 lab every 2 weeks is adequate as its way too much management!!
(My niece B-belle)
This morning we went for a 2 hour visit to Maria's. I love that we have a second vehicle and this is one of the major reasons. Maria has a stay at home job now so when I'm on my mat leave, we will be able to continue visiting once a week and allowing the kids to go wild together. It gives me down time and adult time and relaxation.
(They were awfully quiet so we went in and Ani was putting Kai to bed and singing to him!)
Gary has been having bball every Friday afterschool which again, having a second vehicle has been fantastic for this! The first games don't start for a month or so but tryouts are this Friday and then the `fun' begins. Too bad most of their games are at 8pm because Kai would LOVE to go. He loves going to any sporting event. Hopefully they have a weekend tournament before the baby comes so that he can go to a day game.
Our last wedding (until June) is this Saturday. I don't think the weather will behave but it should be fun. I have to admit that I am glad this is our last wedding as they sure take a lot of work/effort/editing etc. We will continue doing 1 hour sessions throughout the next 6 months, but maybe just one per month. Gary sold our first 20D Canon camera to a friend. I'll just say that Gary was very generous. I won't go into it anymore but I guess it is good to be generous? I feel like we've lost a friend in a way. That was our first digital SLR and it was with us at our wedding, honeymoon, hiking trips, Mexico, California....but now, it will help capture memories for someone else:)
I'm huge. Really. I've gained 20lbs which might not sound like a lot but its all right up front. I eat HUGE amounts for lunch at school because I don't snack much in the morning (no eating in the science lab!) Other than that, my appetite is the same as pre-baby, I just have a bowl of cereal or some other carbs before I go to bed. I meet with the doctor that will be doing my C-section on Tuesday. I'm trying to think of all I want to ask her and I'm glad she did my last one so i know what to expect with her etc. I would like to get actual pictures of the birth this time (the anesthesiologist did take a lot of pics for us last time) and I'm glad to hear that my recovery room time will only be one hour this time! Last time it was 2 hours due to all the `stuff' I had pumped in me. Exercise wise, I'm terrible right now. I refuse to go for a walk with Kai. More frustration than anything. I try to go for walks on my own and I will try to continue this a bit more. I want my recovery to go really well this time too. I'm so nervous about taking care of Kai and the baby as I won't be able to change Kai and get him off to bed very easily on my own post C-section.
We are at an `interesting' stage which I am so glad will pass. Eventually. He is so irrational sometimes. He will scream. High pitched crying/screaming. So embarrassing. He will say he wants something/doesn't want it/wants it over and over crying the whole time. Seriously kid, what do you want? If you can't decide, go sit in time out. I def. have no problem disciplining this kid. At the same time, he is really fantastic. For the past 2 months, after lunch, he says he's tired and he goes to his room and shuts his door and has a nap all by himself. I hope this continues! He has been so good at saying thank you for everything. `Thank you mommy for helping me up. Thank you for the applesauce mommy etc'. Today he reminded me, `Mommy, say `you're welcome!'
Well, I better enjoy the next 1/2 hour before Kai gets up....time to mark some labs!


  1. Yes, I remember growing up how the teachers assumed I would be a talker...."oh, you are louise's sister" is all they said :o(
    Cute Pics!

  2. xo! hang in there prego, it will be over before you know it. i'll pray kai adjusts well and moves beyond this frustrating stage before chappy #2 arrives!

  3. I was looking at a rate your teacher website today and I think you are one of the few who have a perfect score!