Friday, October 03, 2008


(helping roll the dough)

Here are just a few pics of Kai helping me with dinner. To be honest, I do not enjoy having him help me in the kitchen. I would rather do it quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately Diego is only 20 minutes long so he was around to help me for the last 30 minutes of samosa preparation. I think it's cute when he helps, but, its def. messy and time consuming!

(filling them with potato/pea mixture...he would eat half and then put half in the dough. If we were cooking for anyone but ourselves, there's no way he'd be allowed to help!)

Okay, I'm supposed to be doing some school work since my brain feels better tonight. So, I will be brief:

-glucose test tomorrow morning. I'm going right at 7 am so hopefully there is no line?
(he sticks his tongue out when he's thinking, just like Gary. By the way, we baked them, not deep fried them. Not bad, not bad.)
-my brain has been feeling like I just wrote a Calculus exam. You know that feeling? Where your head hurts because you've worked so hard mentally?
-I visited my friend in the hospital tonight who had a baby on Wednesday. I'm nervous about the first week of C-section recovery but she seems to be doing well and baby Seth is happy, healthy, and content so that is good!
-went to a funeral for a friends dad today (Frank Kooger). He was just 55 years old. Brought back a lot of memories but it was so great to hear laughter there as people shared funny stories about him. I fear loss again. You never know.
-Sunday we have the Run For the Cure again. We do it every year and this year, I am not running. I'll just do the 1km walk with Kai. I think we'll take our van there:)
-we have a wedding next Saturday, I'm hoping the rain will be gone by then and the leaves will very autumny!

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  1. Hey, Louise, I was just searching for info about Frank Kooger, a friend we dearly loved and are mourning, and up popped your blog! I wish I could have been at the funeral, but am glad to hear there was some laughter along with the tears--Anyway, I know what you mean about the fear. I loved the photos of Kai and the samosas and wish I could have tasted them! Auntie Lynda