Monday, October 13, 2008

Third Trimester...27 weeks

Here I am. We're going to take some `real' shots prob. this coming weekend as we may have our new camera by then!!! Tomorrow, I have the entire morning to myself (Kai at gramma's!). We just finished editing the wedding photos (yay for both of us having today off to work at home instead!) so tomorrow I'll just pick up the prints and then who knows what I will do?! Get my hair cut/styled maybe? I wonder if I will be able to sleep in?! I know I need to buy more chocolate milk. I think that's what's keeping my leg cramps away. Bon nuit.
PS This baby's kicking and moving is way more painful than Kai's ever was. Well, as far as I remember, AND, he/she is just going to get stronger!

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  1. Your baby is such a tomboy already ;) Yes I still think it's going to be a girl.