Saturday, October 04, 2008

Our weekend in the Fraser Valley:)

On Saturday we went to a Corn Maze in Chilliwack with our friends Mike, Haley and their son Finn. We didn't actually do the corn maze part (due to a crazy down pour) but we hung out in the petting zoo area and the boys went nuts on the ride on tractors. We haven't seen them since Kai was born (because they lived in Calgary) so it was great to meet their son! Mike and I were friends while teaching at the same school and he ended up being roomates with Gary. Mike was able to see first hand our `interesting' dating history:) They have recently moved to Chilliwack so it was fun to hang out again. These boys def. have similar interests so I really hope that they will have many more opportunities to hang out in the future!

(15 (?) month old Finn above, Kai below)

When we left their house, Kai said that he really liked Chilliwack and that he had a lot of fun. He felt bad because he closed the toy box on Finn's fingers just as we were leaving, but I assured him over and over that Finn was okay. I think Kai may be a senstive fellow.
Kai is actually hugging Finn in this picture and he did give him a kiss. Not sure what's going on with my hair but ya, these guys had some fun today! On the way home, Kai asked me questions about the day (usually I review by asking him questions). When I had replied with all the right answers, he said `Good remembering mommy!'.
(B-belle in her running/crawling gear)

Today (sunday), we did the Run for the Cure for the 7th year in a row (something like that). The weather was perfect and Kai was so pumped to race. We got to take our van and therefore were able to carpool!! We had 6 people in our nice! We arrived early which meant that Kai and Ani were practicing their racing and basically tiring themselves out.
(Kai practicing with my dad beforehand)
Gary, Jackie and my cousin Tammy ran it while the rest of us walked. I did run a bit of it and it actually felt okay:) Gary did very well, and although I don't know his time, he was prob. the 7th guy in:)
(Kai just had a pink headband...he wishes he owned more pink!)
(Ani's shirt showing that we are running in memory of oma...)
(Jan did the 1km walk with a broken foot and finished ahead of me!)
The whole group! It looks like I have a 5th sister. That's our cousin Tammy who's living with my dad right now while she tries to find a place in the Vancouver area.
We arrived at the finish the same time as Gary (Kai had found some ice by the rink and had preoccupied with that for a portion of the `race' so that's why we were so slow!). So, we all ran in together. I felt like teary eyed because i felt like it was a precious moment...crazy pregnancy hormones! Afterwards he said `That race was fun mommy!'. Afterwards, we went to Joanne's place (my dad's girlfriend). We had our Dekens family thanksgiving dinner so that was yummy and my tummy is still in pain. Kai played really well there until 1:30 or so and now he's home napping.
Here's Kai in the new van. He loves it. I love it. Gary loves it. Yay! He's still such a chatterbox and today he said, `Mommy, what does `serious' mean?'. He has never asked the meaning of a word before and he asked the meaning of a different word later. This is an interesting stage! One thing that is driving me CRAZY is that he says he has to poop on the toilet so I put him on and he sits there for 5 seconds and says he's all done. So, he comes off and then says he wants to go back on. Up, down. Over and over. It gets to the point where I'm demanding that he put his diaper on and poop in it. Reverse psychology? We did put the timer on yesterday and he had to sit and try for 3 minutes. That is the new rule. Grrrrrr....he is also having a lot more `No!' moments and irrational crying. At least around others he is generally quite well behaved:) Okay, time to relax for an hour or two!!!!


  1. Both Gary & Kai need some pink t-shirts. You've got to start looking now for next years run :)

  2. Mike will be pumped to see that the Campbell-Chapman hang out was blog worthy! It was great seeing you guys. Good job on the run!