Thursday, October 02, 2008

Our `New' Van!!!!

We are very excited to have decided on a van. I'm not very good at making big decisions quickly, but, here she is...our Honda Odyssey! We'll have to get a better picture at some point (no offense Jaclyn, you did a good job!). We looked at a Sienna yesterday and it was nice. It had lower mileage and was a newer van. It was also $1000.00 more. I was leaning towards the Sienna and Gary was leaning towards the Honda. Last night, we called the Honday Odyssey guy again to take another peek at 9pm! Gary really loves the stow and go back seat and he likes the way the Honda drives bettter. So, here is our 1999 Honda Odyssey. We were hoping for a 2000 or newer but this works well for us. We are going to get it detailed on Saturday (don't we sound fancy?!) because it def. has the remnants of the 4 kids that had been in the van for 6 years! Also, not sure if you remember our deal,but, with the car, insurance for the year, and a few touchups we need to make on it, it def. came in under $10,000 so it looks like Gary may be getting a 5D Canon:) Hey, maybe that's why Gary wanted the cheaper van?! It feels so strange to have 2 vehicles and I def. recognize how blessed we are to do so. Hope you are all pumped for `The Office' tonight, I LOVE IT! *Grrr...realized that its not on tonight:(*


  1. You're gonna love it!

  2. Nice work on the new van! It looks great and I'm sure it will be so handy to have around. I hope your brain is feeling better. How'd the glucose test go? Results yet?