Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Eight Tips For Photographing Your Child

I have worked as a photographer for about eight years and have captured everything from birth to weddings with the majority of my sessions involving young children. I can tell you as a parent of a few young kids, it can be stressful just getting to a photography session!   

Whether you want to take photos of your child on your own or hire a professional, here are eight ways to help guarantee a great photography session with your child:

1. Choose a great time of day for THEM. The best light is often an hour before sunset but if you have an overcast day, any time works! You don't want to push them beyond their limits and skipping a nap is not worth it.

Two year old birthday photo session
2.  Plan the outfit in advance and if  you are using props, make sure it's something that they will love! If they never keep a hat on their head, chances are the photos are going to be full of a disgruntled toddler. Try on the outfit in advance to make sure that it's comfortable and that they like it; who wants to wear something too tight or itchy? Not me!

Two year old birthday photo session

3. Use a background that is free of distraction–you want your little one to be the star of the show, not the garbage can or sign!

Two year old birthday photo session
4.  Be prepared to be in the photos! Sometimes having mom or dad in the photo might be just what they need for their full personality to emerge.

Two year old birthday photo session
5. Siblings might need to stay out. This sweetie has two older brothers (who are equally adorable) but it would definitely distract from her tea party with her teddy bear and mama. Family photos are a great time to involve everyone, but if you are looking for birthday photos of your child, you might want them to have their moment. If you do want a photo of all of the kids together, the best thing to do is give a few ground rules first (mine require the "no tackling" one.) 

Two year old birthday photo session

6. Be flexible. If your child decides that they are done with the location that you've chosen, be willing to move elsewhere.I usually find that toddlers and preschoolers can spend about ten minutes in one location and then need to do something new.

Two year old birthday photo session
7.  A little treat doesn't hurt. If it can be worked into the session, why not?  If you are hoping to take photos after the treat, be sure that it is not messy and that it won't stain clothing (gummy bears are good for that!) Bring wipes just in case.

Two year old birthday photo session
8.  Keep it short. You don't need more than 20-30 minutes for a session with one child.  You want to keep it fun and not turn into something that they have to endure.

Two year old birthday photo session

 Thank you to her parents for allowing me to share these. Please pin here for later:

Eight tips for photographing your child from time of day to location!

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  1. I was just looking at the photos of Evie at 6 months that you took. I still cherish them so much. Wish I could get you to do Addie's 6 months so that they have the same feel. I still love your eye for photos!

  2. This was such a nice photo shoot! I am sure your old clients wish you were still doing this!