Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. LeapPads.  We have two of them and use them every single day.  Usually it's the two Littles that use them.  We lost one and were able to purchase a secondhand one for $20.  So, so well used and educational too!

2.  A love for sports in our family.  Gary played basketball every day...for 15 years?   He attributes this to being such a great influence in his life and keeping him out of some of the trouble that I got into :) I love that our kids enjoy being active and I know for sure that the boys love to play sports.  Nya says she'll play basketball when she's a dad.

3. The boys having each other. I often wonder what they would be like without the other.  They can drive each other (and us!) crazy but I appreciate the high energy activities that they can share together.

4. Ice.  I have memories of "skating" in my boots as a kid.  The kids loved it...except our Little One.  Bailed a few too many times!

5. Having Kai Bear to help.  Nine-year-olds are AWESOME to have around the house.  I know it can be hard being the oldest as there are so many expectations placed on you BUT there's also the benefit of certain opportunities and being allowed to do things first!

6+7. Reading glasses and a good book.  Wow, they make a HUGE difference reading books or at the computer.  This book is sooooo good! I wish I had two extra hours a day set aside just to read. 

8. Playdough.  Our two littles use it often, maybe only 20 minutes at a time, but still, 20 minutes.

9. Mini date with Nya.  We had THREE appointments for our Little One yesterday and she was so great throughout them all.  We "shared" a donut.

10. Being heard.  A lot of parenting is repeating yourself and feeling like NO ONE IS LISTENING TO ME!!  On Tuesday morning Nya asked how my sleep was.  When I told her it was okay but I didn't feel very good, she said "What can I do to help you feel better?" So sweet, right? Kai has also been known to give me a back massage which is so shocking to me–he's not a physical touch kind of guy.  The massage itself isn't that great but the intention makes it amazing.

11.  One day of daycare per week.  This just started last week and it is Nya's first time in a daycare center.  Fortunately she LOVED it and so once a week, I have all kids in daycare or school.  I'm paying for it whether I substitute teach or not, so if I have the day off, I can catch up on life. 

I hope you are having a good week!  Thanks as always for reading :) Please feel free to share your Thankful Thursdays!



  1. I always appreciate your recommendations for good books. I have "The Pearl That Broke Its Shell" on hold now at the library. When I had young children I didn't do much reading, but I sure do now. Your Nya is becoming quite the 'poser' for pictures now - she is just so cute!

    1. I think you'll really like it, Carol! I used to read so much as a kid and feel like I'm returning to an old friend now. Let me know what you think of it (yay for libraries!)

  2. Cracking up at the donut share. I totally wish I had more time to read as well.