Friday, January 08, 2016

Five Simple Ideas to Increase Your Activity Level

For me, being active needs to be easy by ensuring that I do activities that I enjoy and would participate in naturally. If I make a bunch of rules and expectations on myself, it's inevitable that I will feel like a failure. For years, if I gave myself a number of pounds that needed to be lost or a number of kilometers that I had to run each week, it would make activity feel like a chore and therefore was a lot less enjoyable. This past year, I started something new...I ran without timing myself. This was huge for me as a goal and number orientated person. I ran to run. 

Five simple ways to increase your activity level

Here are five simple ways to increase your activity level:

1.  Wear what makes you feel like being active. 

I love new leggings and recently purchased a headband/ear warmer for those chillier runs. Make sure you have really good runners, too. I recommend trying on a variety and getting an expert opinion. I wear Brooks (with orthotics) and although they are pricey, good shoes are important to me. Somehow looking the part helps me act the part!

Wearing great leggings will encourage you to run more

2.  Sign up for something you love.  

A big motivator for me is getting a date on the calendar and paying for something. Last year I participated in the MEC Langley Race Series. It was a great way to do a 5 km race close to home (for only $15/race!). My son ran the last one with me and it was so fun to have that shared activity. I have other friends that LOVE Zumba, so if that's your thing, commit. Other ideas are yoga (loved that when I was pregnant) or even meeting a friend at the gym to work out. Figure out what is realistic for YOU.

Mother son running

3. Choose outdoor family activities. 

We love going for hikes, exploring local parks, and just being outside. Sometimes we just do a family walk to the grocery store which may not sound exciting but the kids love the cookies and I love the time together...and the steps. Besides being active together a lot of these options are free!

Snowshoeing as a family

4.  Use a Fitbit or activity tracker. 

This has been a great motivator for me. I use the FitBit Charge as it has a watch on it and the step results are right on my wrist. I aim for a minimum of 10,000 steps per day and if I don't reach it, that's okay, but it helps me to see how active I have (or haven't) been. Besides, it's a bit of a motivator for getting those chores done – cleaning a whole house can really add up those steps!

 5. Instead of meeting a friend for coffee, why not go for a walk together instead?

Socialize plus exercise plus saving money. Triple win. I will often meet my sister for a walk once the kids are in bed. It's a healthy way to catch up and destress after a long day.

Those are my tips for being active, what are yours?


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Want to increase how much you are moving each day but not sure how? Here are five great tips to increase your activity level!


  1. Denise N7:33 AM

    interesting thought on running without timing yourself. i always love seeing how far i go, and i guess i never really paid attention to the time, but i wonder if i'd enjoy it more without that at all? hm. love these tips (as i start trying to tone up 2 months postpartum).

    1. I do like to know approx how far I'm going too. Make sure your body is rested up enough :) Your baby girl is soooo sweet!

  2. Ok Fitbit... check. Signed up for Foamfest with my family... check. Probably I can have coffee with a friend after we walk right?

  3. We are starting to to run/bikes with the kids and it's been good to get out there together as a family. Sometimes it's a good workout (like today, when the kids were happy and pushed our pace) and sometimes it's broken up and miserable (like new years day). But at least we're out together!
    I'm not sure I can run without numbers...i "need" to know what my pace is, how far I've gone, and what my heart rate is (especially as it has been shooting up to 190/200 sometimes over the past few months).