Monday, January 25, 2016

An Adventure with Superfly Ziplines

Looking for an adventure paired with phenomenal views?   How does side-by-side zip-lining from one mountain to another in Whistler's backcountry sound?  Kai and I were able to experience Superfly Ziplines this past weekend and it was the perfect combination of adrenaline and awe; it even includes two of Canada's longest ziplines at about one kilometer long!  

We started in Whistler Village at The Adventure Group office.  From there, we took a 10 minute bus ride to Rainbow Mountain.  We were suited up with our harness, learned how to carry our trolley, and watched how to get into braking position. 

At this point, it was time to climb Rainbow Mountain in a Snow Cat! Our guides were so friendly, experienced, and reassuring.  I love adventure but I'm very afraid of heights–they made sure that we felt supported and comfortable (thanks Kay and Gabe!)

On the platform, we lined up behind the yellow line and gazed at the longest and highest zipline I've ever seen in my life.  This first zipline is about 650 feet high and you can reach speeds of 100km/hr–so crazy, right?! It crosses from Rainbow Mountain to Cougar Mountain and all that is between is a valley.  

Kai was confident and I was...afraid.  You don't need to hold onto the bar but I did the whole way across.  I also screamed. And closed my eyes. And I did it!  Kai was released a few seconds before me but arrived after me as weight makes such a difference! It was so surreal passing him halfway because you move so quickly it almost looked like he was moving backwards. 

The braking system is so unique with a giant spring-like apparatus that your trolley runs into.  It feels quite eerie to approach the platform at such a high speed!  

The second zipline was the longest but the lowest; it went alongside the mountain. I really enjoyed this one as I felt more comfortable and could take in the views.  

We were in a group with three other couples so we could watch other people coming in; I was definitely the most conservative in my approach!  You can spread your arms and legs to slow down or make yourself as streamlined as possible.  I was not very streamlined.

You can see the spring-like brakes on the sides of this photo.  Doesn't Kai look awesome?

There are some short but scenic walks between the platforms.  I loved the approach to each one and seeing what the zipline would look like!

The third zipline has the quickest acceleration.  You need to be between 60-250 lbs to zipline in order to make sure it's a safe experience!  Those big boys came in fast and Kai was definitely the slowest.

The last run is where the lines are close enough that you can hold hands.  It takes you right back to the base, too!

On this zipline, you have your photo taken and you can purchase it afterwards for $10.

What an incredible experience to share together.  I asked Kai what he gave it and he said a solid 10/10.  I have to agree with him, I don't know what would make it any better! 

They also have free hot chocolate afterwards (Kai may have had his fair share!) and then we took the shuttle back to Whistler Village. 

The awesome thing about living in the Lower Mainland is that you can make a day trip of it!  From Surrey, it takes about two hours to drive the Sea To Sky Highway to Whistler and the views are incredible.  The cost for this three-hour adventure winter ziplining is $129/adult and $99/child (must be ages 7+) with cheaper rates for twilight ziplining.  If you follow SuperFlyZiplines on Facebook, you can see when promotions or contests come up!  The Adventure Group offers combinations of adventurous activities such as snowmobiling AND ziplining at reduced rates.

Here's a short video from a couple of the ziplines; I was way too panicky to capture the first one which was definitely the wildest!

We loved our ziplining adventure and it was such a fun way for me to connect with Kai. If you would rather give your child the gift of experience over presents, I would highly recommend this! I think I have to go back to experience it in the summer and maybe then I will take both hands off of the bar.

Is this something you would love, too?


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An adventure with Superfly Ziplines in Whistler, BC

(Disclaimer: Kai and I were given passes to Superfly Ziplines to facilitate this review. Opinions are our own.)


  1. No, I would not like to do this, but enjoyed following the experience that you and Kai had! You are very brave!

    1. Ha Carol! Maybe your boys would've done it?

    2. Two out of the three would have and maybe still will someday!

  2. That is so fun you got to experience that with Kai!!! I would LOVE to do this, maybe on a date with the hubby ;) what was Kai's favorite part??

    1. I think Kai liked the first (scariest!) zipline the best! You should do it as a date Trish, so fun!