Sunday, January 31, 2016

Project 365 | Week 5

A photo a day for a year...

{70-200mm f/2.8 ISO 1000 (ISO way too high, I just jumped out of the van to take it and didn't change ISO first)  f/2.8 1/8000th: Fort Langley}

{50mm f/1.4 ISO 2500 f/2.0 1/50th: Piggyback rides before bed.

{50mm f/1.4 ISO 1250 f/2.8 1/160th: Brunch date at Lelem Cafe.  I don't think I've ever done that with Nya and it was way too fun. And yummy.}

{50mm f/1.4 ISO 2000 f/2.0 1/125th, flash on: Family literacy day–taken by Gary}

{50mm f/1.4 ISO 2000  f/ 2.8 1/160th: Brushing teeth–Koen put Nya to bed which included a story with all her favourite princesses as per usual}

{50mm f/1.4 ISO 1000 f/2.5 1/100: Father daughter preschool event. Melt me. Their weird smiles are because their mouths are full of food.}

{50mm f/1.4 ISO 1000 f/2.2 1/ 640: Framing with trees.  Photo by Gary}

Thanks for checking them out.  I can't wait until it's brighter out and I can lower that ISO!   Have a great week, friends!



  1. That is a great pathway with the arch of tree branches framing you!

    1. I like it, too! We've used it for a bride and groom before :)

  2. I love them all but my favorite is the one of Koen helping nya with her teeth :)