Monday, February 02, 2015

Photography Tip {Leading Lines}

Leading lines draw your eye from one area of an image to another creating depth.  In the above image, can you see how the sides of the bridge lead you to the two subjects in the distance? There are natural and man made lines everywhere that you can use; bridges, roads, paths, shoreline, railroad tracks, fences, tall grass and stairs to name a few.  Often you will see leading lines working alongside the idea of framing your subject.

Let me show you a few examples:

{The side rail leads to the couple}

{The pillars, metal beams and path all lead to the couple}

{Doesn't this lead your eye from the bottom to as far down the path as you can see?}

{Even blinds can be leading lines bringing you to the sweetest 2 year old I know}

{And sometimes helps to have your subject at the top of the stairs so that it leads your eyes just a bit further}

{Lines in the landscape}

{I'm realizing all the examples I'm showing are kissing pictures but here's another...a boardwalk}

{See, leading lines with the railroad and framed by the door}

{The railing of the pier brings you right to the beautiful pink dresses}

So there's your tip for the week.  Just look around for a few of these types of lines and move yourself, or the subject, so that you the line will lead to them.  Have a wonderful week and keep those cameras handy!



  1. Every time you post one of these i get a new appreciation what you do! That's super cool!!

    1. Thanks, Shannon! Looking forward to using these on you :)

  2. Great examples of leading lines