Friday, January 22, 2016

Five Self-Care Ideas for a Frugal Introvert

Being a busy mom of four kids, I have realized that in order to be the best mom and wife that I can be, I need to take time for me. This is nothing new to most of you but how I do it might be different. I know some people would say "Go to the spa!" or "Go shopping!" or "Have a girls' night!", and these are all great options, but I don't enjoy spending money and I really get exhausted by the noise around me daily, so I enjoy a good escape. I used to be a quarterback on a women's flag football team and that was good for my soul, but that was when I "just" had one and then two kids. Now, my escapes need to be shorter so I try to do almost all of these daily.

Here are my five self-care ideas for a frugal introvert:

1.  Read a book.

I escape to my room and have Gary take all the kids out or to the basement so I don't hear them.  If he's not home, I just put on a Netflix show for the Littles and give myself 20 minutes to lose myself in a book.

2. Go for a walk or run.

I'll go on my own or with one kid sleeping in the stroller. Exercise is so important to me and I try to get my 10,000 steps minimum per day.

3. Take a long, hot shower.

I know a lot of people enjoy a bath but for some reason it's not my thing. I don't really understand what I'm supposed to do in there.  How do you read comfortably? I just feel weird staring at myself. Oh, and by "long" shower, I mean more than five minutes. The other day Nya came into the bathroom with binoculars, now that is an awkward feeling. 

4. Watch a show with a friend or partner.

I love watching the Bachelor with my friend Leah or a Netflix series with Gary (Prison Break right now–so many "as if" moments but I still love it.)

5. Have a stash of quality dark chocolate.

I keep mine in my bedroom so it's not too convenient–a dose of sea salt dark chocolate hits the spot! Gary buys me chocolates for Christmas, Valentines's and my birthday and I can make it last a long time.

What is your favourite way to feel rejuvenated?


Want to focus on self-care without spending money? Are you also an introvert? Here are some ideas for you!


  1. I miss football too! I think reading is a big one for me also:)

    1. I wish we could still play! In my mind we are still fabulous.

  2. Lol, all 5 of these thing are exactly what I do too for me time. Go introverts!!!

  3. Yay for frugal introverts! My morning shower is usually the best part of my day :)

    1. :) I love my morning shower too, it refreshes me and is such a great start to me day!