Friday, May 13, 2011


At the preschool Mother's Day Tea, the kids had to introduce each of the moms by name. During their practice session, the teachers had each kid announce their name and then their mom's name. Many kids didn't know their mom's name so the teacher would ask, `What does your dad call her?'. When it came to Kai's turn:

`Hi. My name is Kai. This is my mom. My dad calls her sweetie.'

Awwww:) It is true. Gary rarely calls me Louise. Even when we are arguing it's Sweetie or Sweets. I'll take it:)


  1. That is so sweet. Also, how wonderful for him to see such loving words shared between you two!!

  2. I LOVE that :) So great!

  3. Cute story and how nice that your husband calls you that.

  4. AWWWWWW my gosh that is cuuuute!

    When my sister in law was 5 she went to school and the teacher asked her what her name was. "Sweetie," she replied, because she honestly thought that was her first name! And now my kids call her "Aunt Sweetie," because it's all anyone calls her.
    Too cute.